Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s birthday celebrated at Sahiwal Arts Council

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's letters are the basis of Urdu prose.

Sahiwal (Sahiwal Updates – Director Public Relations) A grand function was organized on the occasion of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s birthday under the auspices of Sahiwal Arts Council’s Literary organization.

Director Sahiwal Arts Council Qaiser Salim, eminent poet, writer Dr. Iftikhar Shafi, Dr. Nadeem Abbas Ashraf, Prof. Imran Jafar, Akhtar Khan and a large number of students participated in the event.

Speaking at the event, renowned poet, writer, intellectual Dr. Iftikhar Shafi said that academic, literary and political services of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan will always be remembered.

He said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan played an important role in equipping the Muslims of the subcontinent with modern education due to which Muslims were attracted to the new requirements of education and the journey of development became easier for them.

Director Sahiwal Arts Council Salim Qaiser said that enlightening the new generation about the academic, literary and political services of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is the need of the hour.

He founded educational institutions despite unfavorable conditions and directed Muslims to acquire modern education. He said that the credit of the educational progress of Muslims in the subcontinent is due to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Dr. Nadeem Abbas Ashraf said that the new generation must be informed about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s other literary services as well as his excellent and high style of writing.

His letters are the basis of Urdu prose. Professor Imran Jaffer said that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had opened the doors of bright and shining future to Muslims by showing them the way of modern education.

He fought for the rights of Muslims in every field of life and the two nation theory was founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Akhtar Khan said that the books of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan inform us about our history even today and his academic services have left a deep impression on the Muslims of the subcontinent.

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