UK youtuber James Whomsley creates largest RC aircraft

British YouTuber James Whomsley has set a new record for building the world's largest remote control plane.

A UK youtuber James Whomsley, known for his YouTube channel ProjectAir with almost half a million subscribers, has created the world’s largest remote-controlled (RC) model aircraft carrier, measuring 5.02 metres (16.46 ft).

British YouTuber James Whomsley has set a new record for building the world’s largest remote control plane.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, James Whomsley built a 5.02 meter ship in 3 months. His wood, foam and fiber remote control ship is waterproof.

After building the plane, James Whomsley found it a big challenge to successfully fly it and then land it back on the ground, but to make the challenge a little easier, he installed a first-person view (FPV) camera on the plane. The purpose of installing the camera is to monitor it during take off and then during landing.

The youtuber built not one but 3 planes for this project and when the planes were ready they took them to a lake road yard in Staffordshire to test fly them.

26 years old James Whomsley was successful in flying 2 of his 3 ships while one was destroyed on landing. He invited the Guinness Book of World Records team after successfully experimenting with the project.

The Guinness Book of World Records team declared this ship as the world’s largest remote-controlled ship that can successfully land after verification.

The British YouTuber has also won the Guinness Book of World Records by creating the world’s fastest jet remote control car. He currently holds a total of 3 Guinness World Records.

It should be noted that he has 494k subscribers on his youtube channel which can be visited at:

He has 44.2k followers on his instagram account.

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