Greg Abbott terms Texas as the most developed state in the United States

More than 10 million people have entered the United States illegally over the past three years.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said that Texas is not only the most developed economy in the United States, but also the 8th largest economy in the world with a GDP of 2.4 trillion dollars.

More than 10 million people have entered the United States illegally over the past three years, causing an unprecedented burden on the country’s economy. While the Joe Biden administration has failed to enforce existing laws for illegal immigrants, the state of Texas is 100 percent enforcing the law.

Freedom of expression does not necessarily mean that the university should be camped and affect the education of other students. There is a legal way to protest about Gaza or any issue and it must be followed.

He was addressing a fund-raising event at the residence of Dr. Rao Kamran Ali, a member of the Texas Medical Board and chairman of Pak Pack, as the chief guest yesterday.

Prominent community leaders, lawyers, lawyers and the business community attended the fundraising event for Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Eminent lawyer Saba Ahmed, who was the co-host of the event, while introducing the governor said that he is among the first hundred influential politicians of the world.

Speaking at the event, the Governor of Texas added that he has made the state of Texas the most developed state in America in the last ten years.

Greg Abbott said that by next year, Texas will become the seventh largest economy in the world. Texas is America’s most favorable state for business opportunities, which is why nearly 1,900 people are moving to Texas every day from other states such as California and New York.

He said that we have no problem in improving the infrastructure, we have 144 billion dollars only for roads and infrastructure.

The governor said the state of Texas generated $24 billion in additional revenue last year while the economy across the country was struggling. Of the additional revenue, $18 billion went directly to the public through property tax cuts.

The governor of Texas said that while illegal immigrants are a burden on the country’s economy, legal immigrants are directly affected by them. With more than 100 million aliens entering the United States illegally in the past three years, spending tax dollars on the welfare of these illegal immigrants is unfair to American taxpayers.

Immigrants who have legally settled in the United States or who have obtained citizenship have unusually long backlogs. The main reason for this is illegal immigrants. Under U.S. law, the government has a primary responsibility to prevent illegal entry into the U.S. and prosecute such people.

The participants and co-hosts took questions on the occasion. Dr. Abdul-Ahed said that as a group of more than 800 North Texas physicians, we are eager to cooperate with your administration. On which Governor Greg Abbott appreciated their offer and advised to stay in touch with the government.

On this occasion, a student, Sara Kamran Ali, questioned the governor regarding the ongoing protests at the University of Austin and the University of Dallas, Texas, to which Greg Abbott said that freedom of expression does not mean that by stopping at the university and others Impact on student learning.

There is a legal way to protest about Gaza or any issue and it must be followed. In America, everyone has freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean saying anything anywhere, anytime.

On this occasion, the Pakistani community asked the governor to support the promotion of small businesses and also to appoint members of the Pakistani community to the positions appointed by the governor in the state of Texas.

In the end, Governor Abbott thanked all the participants, including the host of the event Dr. Kamran Ali and his wife Sunila Khan, Kashif Khan and Saba Ahmed and said that their ten years of performance is in front of everyone. He also appealed to the Pakistani community to continue their cooperation in the elections.

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