Imran Khan says ready to fight like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

I don't care, I'm willing to die. I was caught unconstitutionally.

Islamabad (Pakistan News – Jang Group)

During an informal conversation with media representatives present in the courtroom yesterday, Imran Khan said that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had won 162 seats in Elections. But what the Pakistani establishment did with him and the result was seen by all.

I am making it clear to you today that PTI will win the election 2024. The incident of May 9 was part of London plan to bring Nawaz Sharif, put us in jails and destroy PTI.

On the question of negotiations, Imran Khan said that no one met him nor negotiated. “I don’t care, I’m willing to die. I was caught unconstitutionally. Ten thousand people were arrested in 48 hours. Yasmeen Rashid is clearly telling the workers not to go inside the Corps Commander House. Look at the CCTV who took them inside.”

Imran Khan also said that General Bajwa did everything at the behest of Donald Lowe. I want to convey a message to the nation that your captain is ready to fight till his last breath. Looking at the situation, there is fear that they may run away from the election 2024. The growth rate of 6.17 has brought the growth to zero.

Establishment thinks that people are crazy they don’t know what establishment has done. I am not in any trouble in prison, I consider being in prison as worship.

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