Sahiwal Arts Council organizes Defence Day ceremoney at Jinnah Hall

Principal DPS Brigadier (retd) Syed Anwar Al Hasan Kirmani also participated.

Sahiwal (Sahiwal Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt) Sahiwal Arts Council organizes the Defence Day ceremony at  Jinnah Hall in which Commissioner Sahiwal Shoaib Iqbal Syed and RPO Mehboob Rasheed were the chief guests of the event.

While the guests of honor were Additional Commissioner Coordination Shafiq Ahmad Dogar. Principal DPS Brigadier (retd) Syed Anwar Al Hasan Kirmani, Director Colleges Prof. Masood Faridi, Deputy Director Prof. Ahmad Hasan, Director Sahiwal Arts Council Dr. Syed Riaz Hamdani along with teachers, male and female students. , civil society, journalists, lawyers and a large number of people from different walks of life participated.

Commissioner Shoaib Iqbal Syed said that the demand of the time is to love the motherland in the same way as you love your children. He further said that our progress lies in the integrity, development and peace of Pakistan and our future is connected with its future.

He said that today 6 September is the day to pledge that no compromise will be made on the integrity of Pakistan. Addressing the ceremony, RPO Mehboob Rashid said that thanks to the eternal sacrifices of the martyrs, we are living with freedom.

He said that the survival of Pakistan can be ensured only by strengthening the defense of Pakistan. Principal DPS Brigadier (retd) Syed Anwar-ul-Hasan Kirmani said that in 1965 there was not a passion but a condition that engulfed the entire nation and it stood like a leaden wall in front of the enemy.

He said that the army is when the nation stands behind and nothing can happen without the nation and the biggest weapon is faith and the spirit to stand with our army.

He said that the spirit of September 6, 1965 needs to be rekindled today to bring the country out of the challenges it is facing.

During the ceremony, Commissioner Shoaib Iqbal Syed, RPO Mehboob Rasheed, Additional Commissioner Coordination Shafiq Ahmed Dogar and Principal DPS Brigadier (retd) Syed Anwar Al Hasan Kirmani offered floral tributes to the martyrs and students from different schools offered flowers to the children. He paid tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan through tableau shows, speeches and national songs.

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