Lori Maddox: Controversial Lifestyle and Net Worth 2024

Lori Maddox caught massive attention as she was a drug and sex addict.

During the 70s in America, Rock and Roll were very popular. An exciting and vital part of rock and roll music were groupies, as it was known that ladies follow stars.

Interestingly, Lori Maddox was a groupie then, and she caught massive attention as she was a drug and sex addict. Lori Maddox was only 14 years old, which became a bigger scandal.

If you want to take a complete insight into Lori Maddox’s life, career, and controversial life, then you must stay tuned and read the article completely to know about her interesting life.

Biography of Lori Maddox

Lori Maddox was born on 29th November 1958, in the USA. She is an American national and was brought up with her family and siblings. However, since his youth, Lori Maddox used to like to visit bars and go out with her friends.

 She completed high school and enrolled herself at Saint Monica College. During her high school studies, groupie met Sable Starr, already known as a groupie. To join hands with Sable, Lori often visited clubs on weekends. Although the young groupie used to live with her mother, they used to sneak out.

Controversial Relationship Status

During the Rock and Roll period, it was considered that being a groupie, you had to sleep with lots of stars.

So, Lori was involved with many celebrities during her youth. However, it is known that Lori used to sleep with David Bowie whom she interacted during her visits to one of the clubs she often visited.

Followed by David, she met Jimmy Page and started dating him. Though, at that time, Jimmy was twice Lori’s age. Despite the fact both were in a secret relationship. However, the groupie left Jimmy when she caught him sleeping with another woman.

Lori Maddox continued her fun life as she remained involved with more stars. At various times, Lori was caught with Iggy Pop and doing drugs. Moreover, groupie was seen in one-night stands with Paul McCartney, John Bonham, Mick Jagger, and many other rock and rollers. 

Furthermore, she had to face a lot of criticism due to her lifestyle, and the groupie knew all the critics, but she is not feeling regret as she had done in her life. She did all to make her life full of fun.

Currently, Lori Maddox is married to Raymond; however, Raymond is not a celebrity person. Moreover, the couple has a biological son together named Shaun. The surprising news is that the groupie is working in fashion at present. Here is her instagram account.


Lori Maddox Net Worth 2024

The groupie’s net worth is not exactly known; however, according to various sources, it came to know that her net worth is $200 million in 2024.

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