Beena Patel Net Worth 2024 and Interesting Career

Beena Patel was born in 1985 in Los Angeles, USA. She belongs to an Indian family.

Beena Patel is widely known as the wife of the famous and renowned American Comedian Hasan Minhaj. However, Beena is an extraordinary personality who has a lot of qualities.

Here we shall take a detailed insight into her personal, professional, and love life.

Beena Patel Early Life and Career

Beena Patel was born in 1985 in Los Angeles, USA. She belongs to an Indian family; however, since birth, she has lived in the USA and completed her schooling there.

Patel has strong communication skills as she is a multi-lingual person. Beena is fluent in English, Hindu, Spanish, and Gujarati. So, Beena is the combination of both beauty and brain.

She graduated in Psychology from the University of California, L.A. She studied Psychology with the implements of Neurobiology and Behavioral Analysis. Moreover, she continued her studies after graduation and completed her master’s at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. 

After that, she enrolled herself in a doctorate and is known as Dr Beena Petal Minhaj. In 2003, Beena also received the Roemer Award prize. However, Beena was active during her doctorate and volunteered in various health organizations. She also remained the principal organizer of many charity events.

She is currently a clinical research manager at Retinal Consultants in Sacramento, California. She also worked for CAVE Consulting Group, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Personal Life 

40 years old Beena Petal is a career-oriented lady who did a great job professionally. Besides this, she managed her personal life and successfully fulfilled her marital responsibilities. She married one of the most renowned and famous Indian comedians in the U.S.

Apart from an incredible career and her desire to help people, thus becoming a doctor, Beena has a fulfilled life, as she married one of the most famous and handsome Indian comedians Hasan Minhaj in the U.S.

Hasan and Beena first met at their University during their studies and started dating after their first meeting. However, the couple continued their affair for a long time. In 2015, the couple exchanged their vows in a private ceremony and did not arrange the traditional Indian wedding style.

Moreover, Beena and Hasan lived happily and welcomed their first child in 2018. They did not reveal her daughter’s name as Beena Petal does not like to disclose her personal life on social media platforms. 

Beena Patel Net Worth 2024

Minhaj and Beena are doing their professional life successfully and do not want to stop. However, Beena tries to keep her personal life private.

According to an estimation, Beena has a net worth of approximately $1 million. Moreover, both the coupe shares their account, and according to an estimate, Minhaj and Beena share more than $2 million.

Beena Petal Interesting Facts

Beena’s passion for helping the poor makes her famous, and she is widely known for her charity work. However, most people do not know about her passion as she does not want to post her private life on social media.

She keeps her daughter’s life away from the media as she wants to bring her up in a healthy environment away from the media limelight.

Beena Patel is also a talented and dynamic interior decorator who enjoys decorating. She furnished their apartment in New York when she married Hasan.

Beena is a dedicated wife who always accompanies Hasan to important dinners and various events.

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