Juliet Evancho, Jackie Evancho’s sister, All You Need To Know About Her

Juliet Evancho was born on 27th May 1998 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Juliet Evancho is a famous model and reality star. In her starting career, she was mostly known as the sister of the renowned singer Jackie Evancho.

However, she became popular after her appearance in the reality show “Growing Up” in this show, she appeared with her singer-sister.

Juliet Evancho is not only a young star but also the bravest person ever because she fought so many challenges. Before her career in media, Juliet was too scared to appear media as Transgender.

Eventually, she came and earned huge popularity; however, her family fully supported Juliet Evancho. At the beginning of her career, it was not easy at all for Evancho, but she was courageous and strong; therefore, she won millions of hearts for her decision.

Juliet Evancho Biography

Juliet Evancho was born on 27th May 1998 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Juliet was born as a boy. Her parents’ names are Lisa and Michael Evancho. However, she belongs to a middle-class family.

She spent her childhood in Pennsylvania with her three siblings. Juliet has one brother, Zack, and two sisters, Jackie and Rachel. 

Juliet came from mixed ethnicity because her mother is Italian and German, and her father, Michael, is from Slovakia, Hungarian, and Ukrainian. She completed high school in 2017 and did not reveal more about her educational background.

Juliet’s life is not easy to talk about. She was a boy by birth named Jacob. However, she never liked playing with boys’ toys as she was always attracted to girls’ toys like Barbie dolls and other kinds of dolls.

When Juliet told their parents about her feelings, they went her to a doctor. He said it was just a phase. At that time, he was just eight and did not understand the term “Transgender or sexuality.”

Her parents considered the doctor’s advice and thought she would grow out of this phase. Consequently, Juliet started to be depressed as she remained in a reluctant phase.

A few years later, Juliet began her transformation. Her gender revelation surprised her parents; however, her family fully supported Juliet. 

Juliet Evancho’s sister Jackie even talked about Transgender people’s right to Tramp. Her parents are very proud of their daughter and are true supporters of LGBTQ rights.

Juliet Evancho Career

Juliet is starting her career as she is very young. In her debut projects, she did work with her sister Jackie on a few projects. However, she decided to pursue her passion and want to become a model. Moreover, she also started to fight for LGBTQ rights. 

Jackie sang the National Anthem at Donald Tramp’s inauguration, and she said she was with her sister, Juliet. At that, Juliet’s family faced a lot of criticism because most people thought they were supporting Tramp.

Evancho’s family participated in TLC’s show named Growing up Evancho. After that, Juliet got the opportunity in the modelling field, and one of her most well-known works is for Vancouver Fashion Week. She also fought for the right of the LGBTQ population.

Relationship Life Juliet Evancho

In 2016, she posted a guy named Deven Paul on her Twitter account. Both have been dating for some years. However, she stopped posting, and no one knew what had happened between them.

Currently, Juliet has started her relationship with handsome Shaun Michael. The couple is posting various posts together, so this leads to building the assumption that both are dating. However, the couple looks great, and fans enjoy their happy posts.

Here are the link of her Instagram account:


Juliet Evancho Net Worth 2024

As Juliet is young and starting her career. Therefore, Juliet’s net worth is still unknown exactly. She did work for some magazines and modelling at some events.

However, it can be estimated that her earning from modelling is approximately $132,835. We hope her net worth will grow as her career grow higher.

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