Everleigh Labrant Dad, Cole LaBrant, Interesting Facts of His Life

Tommy Smith is the biological father of Everleigh Soutas.

Everleigh Soutas is a social media sensation with approximately 5 million followers on Instagram. However, recently she remained focused in the media limelight because of her parent’s separation.

Everleign Librant says that she enjoys their parent’s love, support, and care even though they both parted ways.

Moreover, she also enjoys her new relationship with her stepfather. Labrant is a baby star on social platforms, earning massive popularity from her social media accounts. However, her mother manages her social media accounts.

If you want to know more about Everleigh Labrant dad, her vibrant life, activities, and many more, then stayed tuned and read the full article.

Who is Everleigh Labrant dad?

Tommy Smith is the biological father of Everleigh Soutas. He has been working at Inter-sky in the skylights and daylighting solutions. Tommy Smith graduated from Trabuco High School in Mission Viejo, also his hometown.

Later on, Everleigh Labrant dad also lived in the small town of Foothill Ranch in California. Everleigh’s mother, Savannah, gave birth to Everleigh in her teenage years.

However, Savannah and Tommy got separated soon after the birth of their daughter. After parting ways with Savannah, Everleigh Labrant dad started dating Courtney Santaella. Everleigh Labrant dad still managed his time to meet her daughter regularly.

Savannah started her relationship with Cole Labrant after her seperaton from Tommy. Everleigh’s Instagram account, Tommy Smith can be seen happily with Savannah and her current husband, Cole Labrant.

Tommy did not feel bad about Cole Labrant and Savannah’s relationship; furthermore, he wished the couple and congratulated them on the beginning of their new life.

Cole LaBrant, Everleigh LaBrant’s Stepfather

Cole Labrant is the stepfather of Everleigh, and both share a special daughter-father relationship. Cole usually keeps posting his pictures with Everleigh, and he is kissing Everleigh’s hand on one of his posts.

Moreover, Cole Labrant first met Everleigh and Savannah in 2016, and when Everleigh bid him goodbye, it was like his daughter saying goodbye.

Everleigh Labrant named her after Cole Labarant married Savannah. Further, Cole said in one of his posts that savannah and Everleigh are God’s gifts to him, and he is thankful for that.

Everleigh Labrant dad, Cole Librant, said he will always remain with her daughter whatever she does and love her forever.

Most interestingly, when Cole proposed to Savannah, he also brought a ring for Everleigh and asked her to become his daughter. Therefore, Cole and Savannah deeply love Everleigh, as she is their talented, cute daughter.

Savannah and Everleigh Labrant dad, Cole Larbant, shared Vows
After her separation from her ex, Tommy Smith, Savannah started her relationship with Cole Labrant. He is a young music star.

In 2018, both got engaged after dating for five months. However, Cole shared a picture of all three members on Instagram and wrote a description saying he is the luckiest man to have two princesses.

Everleigh LAbrant dad Net Worth 2024

We all know that Cole LaBrant is a famous American YouTuber and social media star. He became renowned due to his amazing content on YouTube.

He has a huge fan following on YouTube, Musical.ly, and Instagram. He has 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 5 million on his Instagram account.

According to some sources, Cole has a net worth of about $13 million in 2024. He earns mainly from his social media accounts; according to an estimation, his monthly earning is approximately $80,000. He is considered one of the wealthiest YouTubers.

Everleigh LaBrant’s Net Worth 2024

Everleigh is a growing child and is famous due to her social media accounts. However, her mother, Savannah, manages her accounts. Besides, Everleigh has a $2 million net worth. Moreover, her net worth will grow higher as she grows. Here, her Instagram account link:


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