Alizeh Shah fails to impress fans with Korean look

Alizeh Shah has 4.3 million followers on her instagram account.

Alizeh Shah, a well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, could not impress the fans with her Korean look.

According to the details, South Korean music, dramas and films have captivated people across the world, including Pakistan, over the past few years.

For this reason, South Korean beauty standards, makeup and hairstyles are also very popular among the young generation of Pakistan and some people are seen copying regular Korean makeup and hairstyles.

Not only the people of Pakistan but also showbiz personalities are affected by Korean makeup and hairstyles.

Actress Alizeh Shah recently shared some new pictures of herself having Korean look on the photo and video sharing app Instagram.

Looking at these pictures, it can be easily guessed that they have tried to copy ‘Lisa’, a member of the famous Korean music band ‘Black Pink’.

However, 23 years old Alizeh Shah has failed to impress fans with her ‘Korean look’. Her fans believe that the actress lost the natural beauty and innocence of her face by copying Korean makeup and hairstyles.

It should be noted that Alizeh Shah has 4.3 million followers on her instagram account which can be visited at:

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