How to add payment method on Fiverr

Read step by step the process of adding payment method on fiverr.

After creating Fiverr account successfully, the next question for buyers and sellers is that how to add payment method on Fiverr. In this article you will learn about all possible fiverr payments methods in the UAE and Pakistan.

Fiverr payment methods for Buyers

For buyers on fiverr, there is no need to add paypal, payoneer or other platforms. Buyers can attach their Bank ATM card to pay for the services they are buying. It should be noted that your bank must have the facility to pay international transactions. If you are in Pakistan, you can use Meezan Bank ATM card to pay for the services on fiverr.

Some banks do not have the facility to pay international transactions directly. For example, The Bank of Punjab does not have this facility. You can call their support and they will activate international transactions for 24 hours. This method is called Session. But for better experience, you should always use those bank account which provide the facility of international payments.

Fiverr payment methods for Sellers

Sellers on Fiverr have to use Paypal or Payoneer to withdraw payments in their bank accounts. Paypal and Payoneer are online banks which work for all countries. They work like a third party and if some seller found to be fraudulant, fiverr contacts paypal and payoneer to stuck payments.

In Pakistan, Paypal still has not provided facility to create the account. So it is useless for pakistanis to add Paypal as a payment method in Fiverr. Because sellers will have to transfer payment first in paypal, then some other country bank account, then in Pakistani bank account.

So, the best way is to create Payoneer account which provides the facility to transfer money to bank account in any country including Pakistan.

How to transfer Money from Payoneer to Bank Account

First, anyone having bank account can creat Payoneer account. After successfully adding Payoneer in Fiverr as a payment method, you can transfer money from fiverr to payoneer, and then from payoneer to any bank account. Payoneer has two types of payment transfer methods.

1. Instant Payment

You can use Jazzcash app in android to transfer payment from Payoneer to your jazzcash account immediately. Pakistan’s Faysal Bank also provides the facility of instant payment.

2. Standard Payment

Payoneer sends payment to any bank account within 5 days. Usually it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to transfer payment but in some cases there may be delay in the transfer.

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