How to create a gig on fiverr seller account

A gig is just like a shop where you offer some digital service and buyers place the order.

In this article you will learn how to create a gig on Fiverr. A gig is just like a shop where you offer some digital service and buyers place the order.

Creating Gig is a first step to start business on the biggest freelancing platform Fiverr. Before creating Gig there are some points to remember.

Fiver Terms and Conditions

Fiverr has set Terms and Conditions which must to be followed by every seller. Violating these Terms and Conditions may result into the suspensions of fiverr account. For example:

1. you cannot sell youtube subscribers on Fiverr because it is prohibited by YouTube company. Fiverr has to follow other companies’ Terms and Conditions and expects its sellers to maintain the Standards set by Fiverr.

2. Direct payments are not allowed as it may result into a scam. So fiverr expects its sellers to use only Fiverr for payments.

Creating Gig on Fiverr

1. Click on Profile Image on Top right corner and open your profile.

2. Click on + Icon (Create New Gig)

3. Write Title of the service you want to offer

4. Choose Category, then Sub-category

5. Write 5 keywords that you think people will type to search your offered service


7. Set Price of the service, write detailed Description

8. Set Featured Image for your Gig and add short video advertisement if available

9. Publish the Gig

That’s all for how to create a Gig on Fiverr. When you click on Publish, you may be asked to take an English Test which is multiple choice questions test. It consists of 40 questions and total marks are 10.

What to Offer in Fiverr Gig?

Another most asked question is what to sell on fiverr. Remember that it is not a shopping site like Amazon. It is a digital services platform for freelancers. You can choose any service from Digital Marketing:

1. Graphic Designing

2. Website Designing

3. Youtube Promotions

4. Guest Posting

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