Zach King Net Worth 2023, And Other Interesting Facts About His Life

Zach has three sisters, including one adoptive sister.

Zach King, the illusionist, enchants thousands of people with his mind-blowing magic vines or digital clips that show him presenting astonishing magic tricks.

These illusionary enchants made him a celebrity in the Internet world. This article will discuss his life, career, and Zach King net worth. If you are curious to know all these details, read the complete article.

Zach King Biography

Los Angeles –based internet sensation, filmmaker, and illusionist Zach King was born on 4 February 1990. However, he was born in Portland, Oregon, and grew up there. His father worked at home. However, his mother homeschooled him.

Zach has three sisters, including one adoptive sister. Zach King is half Chinese on his father’s side, but from his maternal side, he is one-quarter Austrian and one-quarter Nicaraguan. In 2021, Zach King graduated from Biola University with a Cinema and Media Arts degree.

Since his childhood, Zach has had a passion for filmmaking. King was seven when he made his first film using his home video camera. At fourteen, Zach started filming and editing movies. He had a Mac, computer, cameras, and a tripod at that time.

Zach King Career

Zach, who has always been enthusiastic about filmmaking and videography, made up his mind to begin his career in his passion life.

In 2008, he started his website named after trying to locate some suitable online instruction for Apple’s editing software called “Final Cut Pro.”

The website was passionate about delivering Apple software suggestions and training. At the start of 201, King uploaded a video on his YouTube account named “Jedi Kittens”, in which a pair of kittens were fighting with lightsabers. This video has 27 million views. After that, YouTube named King one of the USA’s most promising filmmakers.

In 2003, Zach took a clip from a video site with almost 3.4 million followers to display his editing talent in just six seconds. His celebrity rose as he decided to make one Vine per day for thirty days. More surprisingly, the current compilations of his fantastic vines videos garner millions of views on YouTube channel.

Zach King also showed in many other videos besides his own. He also portrayed the muzzled wolf in the film “Zootopia” played by Disney.

Idris Elba and Jason Bateman also starred in the movie. He took over 3 years to solidify his position as one of the most renowned online producers while doing a fantastic job on TikTok.

Moreover, he published a video that recorded the most watched viewers on YouTube. The film has approximately 2 billion viewers on YouTube, and its number of watches is still increasing. Therefore, his wealth is growing day by day.

Relationship Status

The renowned actress named Rachel Holm is the wife of Zach King. Rachel’s popularity increased for her work in Suburbia and The Hour of Power (1970) in 2014.

In 2013, the couple first met during a lip-syncing and dancing competition at “Biola University.” Zach’s sister introduced Rachel to Zach. After that, both started dating, and within a year couple got married.

Moreover, the couple has not their biological child together. However, they adopted their first son, Mason, and officially announced his adoption news on 18 April 2019. Later on, Rachel and Zach adopted their second son, Liam. The couple showed interest in adopting more children in the future.

Zach King Net Worth

Zach King is a popular and well-recognized man who has a record of millions of viewers on his videos. His popularity provided him with enormous opportunities to work on many mega projects. According to some sources, Zach King net worth is about $4.78 million.

Besides his videography talent, Zach earned money from many other sources. He is a Young, talented, active, and dynamic personality, engaging in many projects using his talent. Zach King net worth will grow further in the coming years.

Zach King Social Media

Zach has 13.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel named @ZachKing, and his channel amuses his viewers with his vines, magic videos, and filmmaking talent.

Zach also has millions of followers on his other social media platforms. For instance, he has 24.5 million followers on his Instagram account, and on his TikTok account, Zach has 67. 8 million followers.

His social media accounts and his millions of subscribers on his social accounts made him the most renowned personality. These social sites are his primary sources of income also and are increasing Zach King net worth.

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