WPC2026 live Dashboard, Registration Process and Other Interesting Facts

It is a live cockfighting game and has been playing for 3000 years.

Are you excited about WPC 2026? Have you learnt about WPC 2026 live and its details? If you want to know about this platform and its upcoming event, this article is for you.

Here, we will tell the whole registration procedure and other important guidelines. Then read the complete article to know every detail about WPC2026 live.

The WPC2026 live is a platform where you can play online games by streaming them and watching Cockfighting. WPC is a renowned portal for live competitions of various games like Sabong or cock fighting.

It is a live cockfighting game and has been playing for 3000 years. The thousands of years old game, Cockfighting, is more considered the tradition of the Philippines than a competition. Philippines people usually are very excited about this event.

In Subong or Cockfighting, two roosters fight each other in an arena, and people bid money on these roosters. A person usually bets on the rooster that played well in the past. Based on the background of the rooster fighting, bidding was made.

However, this competition has a specific set of rules and regulations. Your registration will be completed when you follow the procedure of rules. Therefore, if you want to register for the upcoming WPC2026 live, follow the complete procedure and ensure your registration.

Moreover, people can watch this competition on its official site: wpc2026.comlive. Further, people who want to participate in the WPC2026 live must register on their official website at the address above. Here, we will guide you about the method of registration below.

What is WPC2026 live?

The WPC2026 is an online event where you can watch live cockfighting or sabong matches. In this competition, the bet is made on the rooster, so if you want to bet on the rooster, then you must have WPC2026 live dashboard. To participate, one has to register first on the official site of the WPC.

Moreover, this event will be organized under the direct supervision of the Philippines government. The Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has granted permission to use the site for registration and participation purposes, and BMM Test-Lab also ensures this.

Login Requirement

The login process for the WPC2026 is very easy, as it requires simple information to complete your registration. You will get your sign-in after completing the sign-up procedure.

However, you must know the proper process for this. In this article, we’ll explain the complete method that would help you in your registration process.

  • First, you must have strong internet access and a device for WPC2026 live dashboard.
  • You must have an account on the official website of the WPC site.
  • Then visit the site https://wpc2026 to register your account. For the setup of your account, you are bound to give a formal statement of credentials and know how to pay for this.

User credentials should be authenticated and managed correctly for the WPC2026.

  • Most importantly, one should know the fact that the government of the Philippines will not provide any help or assistance in case of any loss or setback that comes in the official live website of WPC.
  • You must know the correct login information, username and password, which will only help you access your account and live streaming. In case of any wrong or forgotten information, you will not get the live dashboard of the Cockfighting.

Method to Sign up for WPC2026 live

Now you know the registration process for the official site. To access the live dashboard, a person must put his username or password in the given space. Let’s know about the steps for the sign-up process.

To complete the sign-up, you must provide the correct information according to the requirements.

What you need to do is:

First, you must visit the official site here:  https://wpc2026.live/, or you can click on the link to go direct to the official site of the WPC.

  • You will see the WPC2026 live login interface as you sign In to the site.
  • In the given space, insert the correct username and password and press the “sign in” button below. 
  • After that, you will sign in to your account and can see live streaming.
  • So, the steps to log in are relatively easy as one can easily see the live games only by signing in to his account.
Registration Process for the WPC2026
  • The first and foremost step to accessing the live dashboard is registering yourself on the official site: https://wpc2026.live/ and then completing the registration process according to requirements. So, let’s start here,
  • After opening the official website, there will be a “live registration” site; by clicking this, you get the form for registration. However, click the link: https://wpc2026.live/register to get the registration form.
  • Next, you must put in a proper and authenticated username. Your I’d be named after your username. So, be conscious while giving your username. 
  • In the next step, you will give a secret phrase that would be the secret key of your official I’d. So, you are advised to choose a strong keyword with at least 8 letters.
  • After inserting the key phrase once, you will be asked to put it in again to make sure about the secret key. 
  • Then you must put your first and last name in the next step.
  • In the next block, you need to write your contact number. 
  • After giving all this information, you will have to link your official account of the WPC with your Facebook account.
  • Furthermore, to complete the form, you must type your date of birth and profession in the next step.
  • Select your pay.
  • In the end, you must click on the terms and conditions button to agree with the official sites’ rules and regulations. While doing so, you must check terms and conditions, security plans and protection strategy boxes.
  • Moreover, on the official site, you can know the details about agreements and account protection ways.
  • Please ensure you are 21 years old when signing up on the official site, as it is the preliminary condition for registration.
  • Click the “Register” button once you complete your form. It will create the official I’d on the official site of the WPC2026.
  • Now, you’re an official member of the WPC2026, as you registered successfully.
How to retrieve your forgotten password?

You should remember your username and password for WPC2026 because you cannot get the live dashboard without inserting your correct password.

If you forget your login password for the WPC2026, you can get it back by following the simple steps described below.

  • First of all, visit the official address, and the link for the official site is https://wpc2026.live/Under username and secret phrase; you will see the “forgot secret phrase” link. After clicking it, you will find the option “reset secret phrase through cell phone.”
  • Select the option to reset the secret key to change your password through your contact number. By sending a letter, you can change your password.
  • After selecting the method for changing the password, you must insert your username or phone number in the required box.
  • Then click the “send secret word rest code” button, and you will receive a text on your number or get an email. 
  • Open the text or email as it has the code inside. Please copy the code, paste it on the box, and then request a new password.
  • Enter your new password and confirm it again by typing under confirmation, and it will ensure your new password.
Method to install the WPC2026 app on the phone

There is no portable app for live streaming WPC2026, which is not good. However, you can see the live streaming of Sabong and other games of the WPC2026 event on various other apps.

Furthermore, there are chances that the authority will create an official site soon. For then, you have an official site only to watch all the activities of this great Philippines event.

What is good about WPC2026?

There are several benefits attached to this event. A few are discussed below:

  • It is the biggest amusement event for the Philippines as they enjoy the games.
  • You can watch this event live worldwide and bet on the roosters of your wish.
  • Its sign-up process is relatively easy but requires some personal detail to participate in the show.
  • The WPC event is organized under government supervision. It is safe and protective.
  • After signing in on the official site, you can win a monetary prize.
  • After signing up, you can also see the matches and games live by getting a live dashboard. So, you can watch live cockfighting from the Philippines anywhere in the world.
Disadvantages of WPC
  • It is a waste of time and money.
  • It is a gamble also.
  • It is only the most significant event in the Philippines, and most of the world is not involved in Cockfighting.
  • Sports event like Cockfighting is considered cruel.
Bottom Line about WPC2026

WPC 2026 live games event, but this event is more renowned due to the Cockfighting. The Philippines take much interest in this event.

Despite the fact, it is inhumane and unethical to use animals for entertainment. Moreover, the Philippines government legally arrange this event under its direct supervision.

Lastly, this is an important event for the Philippine people, and they enjoy it a lot. People enjoy the event and make bets on the different roosters.

If you are fond of this kind of event, then you must go for the registration and sign in for the latest update. I hope this article has helped you regarding the queries about WPC2026.

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