TikToker Hareem Shah latest interview on Geo News

Hareem Shah said that income is not important for her to live in London.

TikToker Hareem Shah has revealed that she lives in a beautiful and furnished apartment gifted to her by a friend in London.

During Hareem Shah’s conversation with Geo News, the journalist asked, “How do you live in the UK? What are your sources of income?”

Answering the journalist’s question, the tiktoker said that accommodation in London is the most expensive, but a friend of mine gifted me a furnished apartment in her love.

On the other hand, because of the recent incident that happened to me, the government of Pakistan there also has given me room in five star hotel. So I don’t have any expenses here.

32 years old Hareem Shah said that income is not important for her to live there, the love of her friends and relations is enough for her and she doesn’t need anything in life.

She added that people yearn to live in London and it takes them many years to build a house there but I am lucky that I got the gift of a furnished house there.

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