Tessa Thompson Net Worth 2024, Career and Personal Life

Her birth place is Loss Angeles in California, USA, and she spent her childhood there.

Tessa Thompson officially announced she is back as the new King of Asgard for the new Thor installment. Are you excited about this news?

Moreover, do you want to know about her personal life and career? What is Tessa Thompson net worth in 2023?

Read this article to know every detail about Tessa’s life. Let’s get started now.

Early Life Tessa Thompson

Tessa Lynne Thompson is the full name of renowned Hollywood actress Tessa Thompson. She was born on October 3rd, 1983. Her birth place is Loss Angeles in California, USA, and she spent her childhood there. However, she also used to live in Brooklyn in her childhood.

Tessa Thompson’s father, March Anthony Thompson, was a singer and songwriter. Tessa is the granddaughter of renowned actor and musician Bobby Ramos.

She studied at the Santa Monica High School and participated in many theatre plays during her stay here. Moreover, she also studied at Santa Monica College and chose cultural anthropology.

Career Tessa Thompson

In 2000, she made her debut on the theatre stage. Tessa performed the role of Ariel from “The Tempest” and also appeared in the role of Juliet in the movie “Romeo and Juliet: Antebellum New Orleans, 1836.”

However, in 2005, She first appeared on the TV screen in “Cold Case”, a CBS series. In the same year, her role in “Veronica Mars” as Jackie Cook made her renowned. After that, she portrayed various roles in “Grey’s Anatomy, Life, Private, and Heroes.”

In 2013, She played her role in BBC’s original series “Copper”, and following this, she portrayed the lead role in “Westworld.” Since 2006, she has been working in the movie industry, and some of Tessa’s most famous works are “Creed and its instalment” “Creed II”, Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Endgame”, “And men in Black: International.”

Tessa Thompson is also an amazing singer and songwriter. Furthermore, she remained a band member named “Called a Ghost.”

Tessa Thompson Personal Life

Tessa began her sexuality as bisexual. More interestingly, her role Valkyrie in Thor, was also bisexual. She said that her family has no issue with her; moreover, Tessa said no one cares who comes with her, male or female. The only thing that matters to her family is her happiness.

Tessa Thompson talked about her romantic relationship with fellow actress Janelle Monae. Moreover, she also said they both deeply love each other. However, in 2015, both were seen in Monae’s music video for “Yoga”, but they confirmed their relationship in 2018.

However, she has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account. Here is the link to her account:


Tessa Thompson Net Worth 2024

According to an estimation, the USA-based actress earns from acting and uses her voice against many social problems. Tessa Thompson net worth is approximately $4 million. However, Thessa Thompson net worth would grow as she announced her new project.

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