AGEGA Punjab postpones protest after meeting Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Presidents of various teachers' organizations led by AGEGA held a formal meeting with Maryam Nawaz.

Lahore (Sahiwal Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt) Presidents of various teachers’ organizations under the leadership of All Government Employees Grand Alliance (AGEGA) have met the senior vice president of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Maryam Nawaz.

Presidents of various teachers’ organizations led by AGEGA held a formal meeting with Maryam Nawaz on October 20 afternoon, after which the prisoners were released and the demands were promised.

As a result of the negotiations, all kinds of protests have been temporarily postponed. After that, the presidents of various teachers’ organizations have announced the opening of schools in their messages on social media.

It should be noted that the education process was suspended for 12 days in the province of Punjab due to the strong protest of the teachers. Maryam Nawaz decided to meet the presidents of teachers’ unions due to security reasons due to the arrival of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the scheduled meeting on Saturday, October 21.

After the meeting, AGEGA Punjab Chairman Khalid Javed Sanghera has said in his message that the negotiations with the top officials of AGEGA leaders have been successful. The arrested AGEGA leaders and teachers have been released. Government educational institutions will not be privatized. Leave-in encashment and notification of change in pension rules will be withdrawn. Therefore, teaching activities and dengue activities have been restored in all educational institutions of Punjab from today. Parents send their children to schools.

Chief Coordinator All Government Employees Grand Alliance Rehman Ali Bajwa has said in a video message after the release that all the employees should be prepared as well. One thing is very clear that there will be no compromise on leave-in cashing, pension reforms, privatization of schools and other demands. I am still in Lahore. God willing, good news will come. Wait for this good news and at the same time be fully prepared if the government goes back on its word. Keeping in view the shortcomings in the current sit-in, a full call will be given within 15 days. The decision-making leader in Miracle is ready for all kinds of criticism. Because only fruit trees get stones. No one should question the critics sitting at home. InshaAllah, every question will be answered in detail tomorrow and their concerns will be addressed.

The Central President of Punjab Teachers Union Punjab, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarfraz, has said in a message in this regard that matters have been settled with the All Government Employees Grand Alliance Punjab and the high-level government delegation. It has been announced to end all protest programs, education boycott, dengue activity boycott from yesterday. Therefore, all educational activities have been restored.

Heads Association District Sahiwal has given its reaction to the postponement of the protest and has said that the complete strike should have ended when the notification was issued by October 25. However, now after the announcement of the provincial leadership, there is no problem in taking a U-turn for the sake of the children. So open the institution. Thank you very much for all your cooperation.

Teachers’ reaction to meeting Maryam Nawaz and postponing protest

There is a mixed reaction on the pages of teachers influencers on social media. The teachers criticized the meeting with Maryam Nawaz and said that AGEGA leaders should have met the government representatives. Maryam Nawaz does not have any position at the moment. Most of the critics are women teachers who played a leading role in this protest and proved to be a lead wall in the face of government oppression.

However, in the view of a section of thought, AGEGA leaders have made a better decision by ignoring the caretaker government and going to the real center of power. Negotiations are made by those who will be in power in the future. The Muslim League-N has the support of the establishment at this time, which has been expressed by the leaders of other political parties. The caretaker government is a two-month guest who is nothing but a puppet.

There is also a section of thought which believes that the demands of the teachers have been approved in return for the participation of the teachers in the meeting of the Muslim League-N. As happened a few months ago on the occasion of Shahbaz Sharif’s inauguration of the Lahore-Kassowal Motorway. Even then, the teachers were protesting for a 25% increase in their salaries. However, there is no concrete evidence of this.

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