Teachers Protest intensified across Punjab in Pakistan

Teachers are protesting against caretaker CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi.

Lahore (Sidhr Punjab Pakistan – Teachers community)

Government school teachers in Punjab province of Pakistan have shut down the schools and are on the roads for their rights and demands.

According to the details, on the orders of the pro-establishment caretaker government in Punjab, the police have arrested several teachers while torturing the protesting teachers and union leaders.

After the arrest of AGEGA leaders, teachers’ protests continue in various cities and schools are locked down indefinitely.

The teachers are of the view that the task of caretaker government is only to conduct elections while the current caretaker government is exceeding its mandate. Some steps are as under:

1. Government schools are being privatized.
2. The right of free government education is being usurped from the children of poor people.
3. Rights to free medical facilities are being usurped.
4. Financial rights of government employees are being usurped.
5. Pension rights are being cheated.
6. Permanent orders of teachers and AEOs are not being issued.

The teachers’ organizations are demanding that the caretaker government should withdraw the measures taken against the government employees and leave the matter to the incoming government. Teachers are protesting against caretaker CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi.

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