Shaista Lodhi reveals actresses attend night parties

The actress revealed that she often faced situations where the producers complain about the actresses.

Pakistan’s famous TV host and actress Shaista Lodhi has revealed about Pakistani actresses going to night parties and not reaching the scheduled show in the morning.

According to the details, 46 years old Shaista Lodhi, who played the role of Sarwat in Geo Entertainment’s drama serial ‘Khan’, recently appeared on a private TV morning show. Meanwhile, she spoke openly about the difficulties she faced as a host.

Beauty cosmetic surgeon Dr. Shaisa Lodhi, in response to a question asked by the host Nida Yasir, revealed that she often faced situations where the producers complain about the actresses.

The actresses who had to appear in the morning show, did not come, you have to manage the whole show yourself.

On this, Nida Yasar repeated the question, “Has this ever happened?” To which Shaista Lodhi said that it has happened many times that the producers tell that the car is parked outside the house of the actress but the actress is not getting up.

On this, Nida Yasir asked what happened then?

Shaista continued her conversation and further said that the reason given by the actresses is that the party she had with her friends in the night. She was awake all night, after that her condition is not such that she can perform in the show in the morning and attend or come on TV.

Shaista Lodhi further said that in such a situation you think that well she can’t come on the show, now you have to run your show without any guest. Because the program is empty then you can’t go now what you have to say  and to complete the show by taking care.

The actress further said that there are often such experiences that you cannot do anything about.

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