Top 10 Sexy female YouTubers in 2024

Here is the list of top 10 most sexy female youtubers in 2024.

When it comes to finding the sexiest and most engaging girls on YouTube, you might want to check out the list of top 10 youtubers.

1. SSSniperWolf – 34.2M subscribers

Lia Shelesh, better known as SSSniperWolf, is a British-American YouTuber and cosplayer. After having uploaded Call of Duty Let’s Play videos as sexysexysniper, Alia Shelesh registered the “SSSniperWolf” YouTube channel in 2013, which rose to prominence in the following years. Lia is 31 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • SSSniperWolf Instagram:
  • SSSniperWolf Youtube Channel:

2. Jenna Marbles – 19.7M Subscribers

Jenna Nicole Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles, is an American YouTuber. Over the span of ten years, her YouTube channel has accumulated approximately 2 billion video views and, at its peak, over 20 million subscribers. Jenna is 37 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Jenna Marbles Youtube Channel:
  • Jenna Marbles Instagram:

3. Gigi Hadid – 86.6 k subscribers

Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid is an American model and television personality. In 2016, she was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council. Throughout her whole career, Hadid has made 45 appearances in international Vogue. ranks Hadid as one of the “New Supers”. Gigi is 28 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Gigi Hadid Instagram:
  • Gigi Hadid Youtube Channel:

4. Jannat Mirza – 213k subscribers

Jannat Mirza is a Pakistani social media personality and Tik Tok star. Her was born on 14 September 2000 in Shah Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Jannat is 26 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Jannat Mirza Instagram:
  • Jannat Mirza Youtube Channel:

5. Sommer Ray – 1.8M subscribers

Sommer Ray is an American fitness influencer and former competitive bodybuilder. She is 27 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Sommer Ray Instagram:
  • Sommer Ray Youtube Channel:

6. Rosanna Pansino – 14.5M subscribers

Rosanna Pansino is an American YouTuber, author, businesswoman, actress and singer. Pansino is one of the highest-paid content-creators on YouTube, and was listed first on Forbes’ Top Influencers: Food list in 2017. She is 38 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Rosanna Pansino Youtube Channel:
  • Rosanna Pansino instagram:

7. Eva Gutowski – 11.2M subscribers

Eva Marisol Gutowski is an American YouTube influencer and actress with 11.4 million subscribers on YouTube. She graduated from Brea Olinda High School in Brea, California. She also attended California State University at Fullerton. She was ranked #4 in Variety’s Famechangers Digital Star Ranking list. She is 29 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Eva Gutowski instagram:
  • Eva Gutowski Youtube Channel:

8. Loren Gray – 3.7M subscribers

Loren Gray Beech is an American social media personality, singer, and songwriter. She is best known for the career she began in 2015, and was the most-followed creator from March 31, 2019 to March 25, 2020 on the latter’s successor, TikTok. She is 21 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • Loren Gray instagram:
  • Loren Gray Youtube Channel:

9. Vidya Vox – 7.6M subscribers

Vidya Iyer, better known by her stage name Vidya Vox, is an American YouTuber and singer. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and immigrated with her family to the United States of America at the age of eight. She is 33 years old and her accounts URLs are as under:

  • vidya Vox youtube channel:
  • vidya Vox instagram:

10. Ari Dugarte – 764k subscribers

Venezuelan bikini model and social media star who is known for her “Try On” videos. She has 764,000 YouTube subscribers and 380,000 followers on her instagram account.

  • Ari Dugarte instagram:
  • Ari Dugarte Youtube Channel:
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