Seat Adjustment between PMLN and IPP is echoing in NA-143

Unnecessary delay in decisions is increasing anxiety among the workers of both the parties.

The seat adjustment is echoing in NA-143, the only seat of the National Assembly in Chichawatni city. Malik Nauman Langriyal of the Istehkam e Pakistan Party and Chaudhry Tufail Jutt of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz are busy campaigning from this constituency.

Interviews of candidates are ongoing on behalf of Quaid Muslim League-N. Meanwhile, there is talk of seat adjustment between the Pakistan Muslim League-N and the Istehkam e Pakistan Party in some circles.

Unnecessary delay in decisions is increasing anxiety among the workers of both the parties. This anxiety can be easily observed on social media where the workers of both the parties are sharing their messages in the name of Chichawatni citizens.

Seat Adjustment in Chichawatni

It should be noted that the Muslim League-N has created two categories of the leaders of Istehkam e Pakistan Party for seat adjustment. No seat adjustment will be made for those who came to the Istehkam e Pakistan Party after the May 9 incidents to avoid military reprimand.

Others who helped PML-N in overthrowing Imran Khan’s government and made Hamza Shehbaz the chief minister Punjab and saved him from jail, PML-N is thinking of seat adjustment for them.

However, in the by-election, Muslim League-N gave their tickets to most of these candidates and followed the saying of “Kindness is rewarded with Kindness”. Now, on this occasion, only the central leadership of Istehkam e Pakistan will be given the facility of seat adjustment, including Jahangir Tareen, Aleem Khan and Malik Nauman Langriyal.

However, there is a threat to the PML-N from the rebellion of its candidates in these constituencies. Sources say that the final decision of seat adjustment has been taken a few days ago and green signal has also been given to the candidates. But Nawaz Sharif has asked the candidates to keep their mouth shut until the final announcement. Hopefully, this secret will be revealed in the next 24 hours.

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