Seat adjustment: PMLN and IPP hold meeting for Election 2024

Both parties have agreed to continue discussions on seat adjustment.

Istehkam e Pakistan Party has handed over the list of constituencies of leaders to the Pakistan Muslim League-N.

According to sources, a joint meeting of the committees of the Muslim League-N and Istehkam e of Pakistan Party was held at the residence of Ayaz Sadiq.

The meeting was attended by Ayaz Sadiq, Saad Rafiq, Ata Tarar and Malik Ahmed Khan from the PML-N while Ishaq Khakwani, Aoon Chaudhry and Noman Langriyal of the Istehkam e Pakistan Party participated in the meeting.

Sources say that in the meeting there was a consultation for seat adjustment in the National Assembly constituencies, both parties have agreed to continue discussions on seat adjustment.

The leaders of IPP and PML-N considered various options for seat adjustment, the seat adjustment will be finalized in a few days, a joint meeting of the committees of PML-N and IPP is likely to be held again on Friday.

According to sources, Jahangir Tareen Lodhran, Aleem Khan and Aoon Chaudhry will contest the elections from Lahore while Farrukh Habib will contest from Faisalabad.

Farrukh Habib will be accommodated from another constituency instead of Abid Sher Ali constituency, Ishaq Khakwani Wahari while Firdous Ashiq Awan will contest from Sialkot, Gul Asghar and Ehsan Towana will contest from Khushab National Assembly seat.

Sources said that Zulfiqar Chakwal, Mohammad Anwar Attock and Samsam Bukhari will contest from Okara, while Chaudhry Noreez Shakur is keen to contest from Sahiwal.

Hashim Dogar, Talib Nakai and Asif Nakai will contest the election from Kasur, Murad Ras Lahore and Khalid Mehmood Sheikhupura, Ayaz Khan Niazi Khanewal and Noman Langriyal is keen to contest the election from Chichawatni NA 143.

Sources say that Imran Ismail and Mehmood Maulvi will contest from Karachi, Fayyaz Chauhan from Rawalpindi and Ajmal Cheema from Faisalabad, while Mamoon Jafar from Hafizabad and Rana Nazir from Kamonki.

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