Islamabad court sentenced Sarah Inam’s murderer to death

Judge Nasir Javed Rana of the District and Sessions Court issued a 75-page detailed verdict in the Sarah Inam murder case.

In the detailed judgment of the Sarah Inam murder case, Islamabad court has said that the criminal Shahnawaz Amir should be hanged from the gallows until he dies.

Judge Nasir Javed Rana of the District and Sessions Court issued a 75-page detailed verdict in the Sarah Inam murder case.

In the court verdict, it was said that the prosecution was able to prove the case against the criminal Shahnawaz Amir. He deliberately killed Sarah Inam by brutally hitting her with a weighted dumbbell and committed it. He is guilty and does not deserve any mercy.

The written judgment said that Shahnawaz Amir should be sentenced to death under Section 302B of the Pakistan Penal Code, the criminal should be hanged till death and a fine of Rs 1 million should be paid to Sarah Inam’s family.

The verdict further stated that if the offender fails to pay the fine, he should be fined for land dues, and in case of bankruptcy, the offender will have to undergo 6 months imprisonment.

The court ordered the police to return Sarah Inam’s bloody clothes and other things taken into custody in connection with the property case to Sarah Inam’s father.

In the verdict, the court said that the co-accused Samina Shah was not named in the FIR, Samina Shah was later named in the case on the charge of aiding and abetting the murder, and did not present any evidence against her for aiding and abetting the murder.

Samina Shah was at the farmhouse at the time of the incident, but there is no evidence of her involvement in the murder, no criminal material was brought on record against Samina Shah even in the investigation and trial.

The session court further said in its verdict that immediately after the incident, Samina Shah herself called the police and informed about the murder of Sarah, co-accused Samina Shah is acquitted from the case by giving benefit of doubt.

Sarah Inam was killed on the night of 22nd and 23rd September 2022, the accused Shahnawaz Amir was arrested for the murder of Sarah Inam, the case was heard for more than a year and was heard by 3 different judges.

Additional and Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani and Sessions Judge Azam Khan also heard the Sarah Inam murder case.

It should be noted that the court had reserved the decision on December 9 after the arguments of the parties were completed.

Shahnawaz Amir’s mother Samina Shah was also named accused in this case, who has now been acquitted. On December 5, 2022, the accused were charged.

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