Imran Khan’s next victim will be General Faiz Hameed, Salim Safi

Journalist and TV show host Saleem Safi writes column.

There was an ideological difference between me and Imran Khan. But till the sit-ins of 2014, Imran Khan and I had a good relationship to the extent of talking and gossiping.

In 2014, he turned ideological differences into personal differences. I and my late mother were defamed through social media.

In this way, not only did our communication stop, but the relationship also became bitter. After Imran Khan’s loss of power and his going to jail, I am trying to remove the bitterness from my heart. But the nature of disconnection between us remains.

In the last nine years, many people like Pervez Khattak, Jahangir Tareen, Aoun Chaudhary, Naeemul Haq, Reham Khan, General Bajwa, General Faiz Hameed and many others have been trying to reconcile me and Imran Khan.

But I was not ready to sit with Imran Khan even on the request of a single person. My position in front of every man and woman who made such an effort would be that I can only restore the relationship of journalist and politician with Imran Khan.

If they want to give an interview, there is no need for a third person or an intermediary. I will go to them myself.

But as far as personal friendship and chatting over tea etc. is concerned, I don’t want to have that with Imran Khan.

While apologizing to everyone, I would have argued that I do not want to re-establish a personal relationship with Imran Khan, as it would bring shame to my eyes when analyzing or commenting again.

I don’t want modesty to get in the way of commenting or analyzing them. Another argument of mine would have been that I could forgive myself for all abuse or ill treatment. But he can’t forgive the abuse of his great mother.

The rest of the gentlemen would have given up after trying a couple of times, but Jahangir Tareen Sahib was very persistent in this regard.

He tried to make me and Imran Khan sit together till the last moment. He made the last attempt when Zulfi Bukhari, Azam Khan etc. were making preparations to get Bushra Bibi’s dismissal from PTI.

In those days, he invited me to his home for tea. The then Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh was also with him. He had spoken to Imran Khan earlier. While praising Imran Khan, Sheikh Sahib also said that if I want any position etc., that can also be given to me.

Jahangir Tarin was giving reasons to sit me with Imran Khan in a polite manner and I kept apologizing. At one point, it came out of my mouth that Tarin sir! Leave my reconciliation with Imran Khan and worry about yourself.

Because for me there are only three Mohsins left and I am waiting for when Imran Khan will attack them. I told them that I thought it was their turn now. But he said that he had met Imran Khan even before meeting me.

There are no signs that the plots of the enemies to separate him from Imran Khan will be successful. I told them that time will tell who is right and who is wrong, but in any case I will wait for the turn of the three servants.

Jahangir Tareen asked that Safi Bhai! Who are the two other than me? I replied without hesitation that General Qamar Javed Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed.

He said why both of them? So I replied that both of them because they too have not only favored Imran Khan by making him the Prime Minister but also staked their institution and to some extent the country for his sake.

Imran Khan’s nature includes that he forgives his enemy but never forgives his benefactor.

Another characteristic of Imran Khan is that he cannot tolerate a person superior to him for long in terms of ability or financial status.

Since all three of you are superior to them in some respects, according to their habit, they will definitely put their hands on the throats of all three of you.

It happened that only a few weeks after our conversation, the same Jahangir Tareen was showing me in his own house the secret cameras that Imran Khan had installed in his house and adjoining houses to monitor him and his wife. I had put on.

After Jahangir Tareen, it was the turn of General Bajwa, Imran Khan’s second benefactor, when General Bajwa, as in the past, left the illegal patronage and as a result his government collapsed due to lack of confidence.

The fate of Mohsin like General Bajwa by Imran Khan is in front of everyone but one General Faiz Hameed was left.

From the interview of Zulfi Bukhari, who is involved in all kinds of mess with Imran Khan, against General Faiz, it seems that the turn of this third benefactor has also come.

At this time people are alleging that political management is being done in favor of Nawaz Sharif to bring Nawaz Sharif. But they forget that the army started this political management from 2011 in favor of Imran Khan and against Nawaz Sharif etc.

Before the 2018 elections, electables were included in PTI by putting Nawaz Sharif etc in jails and using media, courts, NAB etc.

General Faiz did not care about anything while doing any work. It was a sign of his favors on Imran Khan that before the government, when he was going to Saudi Arabia in Jahangir Tareen’s plane, Zulfi Bukhari’s name was included in the exit control list due to his dubious past.

But it was because of Imran Khan’s closeness with Zulfi and General Faiz’s kindness to Imran Khan that even though Zulfi’s name was in the ECL, he was allowed to go to Saudi Arabia.

Zulfi Bukhari was one of the biggest beneficiaries of Imran Khan’s prime ministership. He was also the liaison to Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Krushner, a staunch supporter of Israel. Today, the first stone against General Faiz has been thrown by Zulfi Bukhari.

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