Husband killed by his wife and sister-in-law in Arifwala

The killer women staged a drama that the husband has been kidnapped.

Qaboola (Arifwala news Sahiwal)

Qaboola police has arrested a wife and her sister on the charge of murdering her husband from Qaboola area of Arifwala city, district Pakpattan.

According to police sources, the body of a person missing for 2 months has been recovered from the yard of a house in Quboola, Arifwala.

Police sources have said that the wife with the help of her sister, killed her husband 2 months ago due to domestic grudge. and burried his dead body in the yard of her home.

The killer women staged a drama that the husband has been kidnapped. The police kept searching for the man and soon found the character of both women doubtful. During investigation, both confessed their crime.

According to the details, 60-year-old retired school teacher Mubarak Ali, a resident of Lakkar Mandi area of Qubula police station, was killed by his wife Naheed along with her sister Sidra 3 months ago and the body of the deceased was found in the room floor on the second floor of the double-story house.

Abdul Aziz, a friend of the deceased, filed a missing complaint with the deceased Mubarak Ali at the Quboola police station after not contacting him for 3 months.

On the request, the police station Quboola registered the case of abduction No. 1727/23 Bajram 365 TP dated 6/12/23.

When the police interrogated the missing person’s wife, she evaded and used various pretexts.

The police station Quboola further investigated Mubarak’s wife’s suspicious statements, then the truth came intoblight. Naheed, along with her sister Sidra, killed her husband Mubarak Ali and buried the body of the deceased in the courtyard of the room.

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