PTI candidates 2024 Vehari and Burewala

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is giving tough time to PMLN in Vehari and Burewala.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has announced the names of its candidates for national and provincial seats and here is PTI candidates 2024 from Vehari and Burewala.

PTI Candidates of National Assembly from Vehari and Burewala

Ayesha Nazir Jutt NA-156 Vehari 1


Sabeen Safdar Bandesha NA-157 Vehari 2


Tahir Iqbal Chaudhary NA-158 Vehari 3
Aurangzeb Khichi NA-159 Vehari 4



PTI Candidates of Punjab Assembly from Vehari and Burewala

Dr. Arfa Nazeer Jutt PP-229 Vehari 1
Salman Mehdi PP-230 Vehari 2
Khalid Nisar Dogar PP-231 Vehari 3
Waheed Girewal PP-232 Vehari 4
Rai Zahoor Kharral PP-233 Vehari 5
Chaudhary Zahid Iqbal PP-234 Vehari 6
Jahanzaib Khichi PP-235 Vehari 7
Ali Raza Khakwani PP-236 Vehari 8


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