Election Result 2024 PP Seats Sahiwal Division

The Election Commission has established 3608 polling stations for these election 2024 in Sahiwal Division.

Here is the complete election result 2024 of Punjab Assembly constituencies in Sahiwal Division which consists of 3 districts.

PP 185 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Javed Ala Ud Din Sajid (Winner) 52106 PML-N
Mehar Muhammad Javed 46200 IND
Rao Riaz Ijaz 29263 IND
Nadeem Mushtaq PPP
Rai Ateeq Ur Rehman JIP


PP 186 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Syed Ashiq Hussain Shah Kirmani 43179 PML-N
Syed Gulzar Husnain 32064 IND
Rai Mushtaq Ahmad Kharal 23347 IND
Muhammad Rafique JIP
Sakhawat Ali Naz TLP


PP 187 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Chaudhary Iftikhar Hussain Chachar 60657 PML-N
Mian Muhammad Fiaz Qasim Wattoo 37342 IND
Syed Afzaal Ali Gillani 22667 IND
Mian Ghulam Rasool 6329 TLP
Muhammad Bin Qasim 1400 IND


PP 188 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Noor Ul Amin Wattoo (Winner) 56596 PML-N
Mozzam Jehanzeb Wattoo 37913 IND
Sardar Ali Haider Wattoo 24248 IND
Waseem Rasool 9809 TLP
Ahmed Hassan 3513 PPP


PP 189 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Ali Abbas Khokhar 40467 PML-N
Chaudhry Tariq Irshad Khan 38228 IND
Rao Saad Ajmal 30109 IND
Muhammad Mustafa 9074 IND
Muhammad Ahmad 5961 TLP


PP 190 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Mian Yawar Zaman (Winner) 61301 PML-N
Mehar Abdul Sattar 49238 IND
Khalid Farooq JIP
Muhammad Arif TLP
Javed Norang PPP


PP 191 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Mian Muhammad Munir 46230 PML-N
Muhammad Saleem Sadiq 44441 IND
Sajjad Ul Hassan PPP
Muhammad Afzal Awan JIP
Muhammad Arif Rizvi TLP


PP 192 Okara

Candidates Votes Party
Ghulam Raza (Winner) 64174 PML-N
Rai Hammad Aslam Kharal 57327 IND
Muhammad Shan Hocha 10071 TLP
Rao Ayyaz ul Kareem 6788 PPP
Rai Ali Noor kharal 2608 IND


PP 193 Pakpattan

Candidates Votes Party
Farooq Ahmed Khan Maneka 40172 PML-N
Mian Muhammad Hayat Maneka 38218 IND
Mian Muhammad Farrukh Mumtaz Maneka 23322 IND
Muhammad Ahmad 9679 TLP
Rao Usman Hashim Khan 2161 IND


PP 194 Pakpattan

Candidates Votes Party
Ch. Javed Ahmad Advocate (Winner) 38584 PML-N
Naveed Ali 29725 IND
Pir Mehar Mueen-ud-Din Chishti 29118 IND
Dewan Azmat Said Muhammad Chishti 16057 TLP
Saif Ahmad 2911 PPP


PP 195 Pakpattan

Candidates Votes Party
Imran Akram Jutt (Winner) 51083 IND
Kashif Ali Chishty 37415 PMLN
Salman Safdar 10390 IND
Ali Ahmad 10390 TLP
Syed Imran Mohsin 5154 PPP


PP 196 Pakpattan

Candidates Votes Party
Dr Farrukh Javed (Winner) 22666 PML-N
Muhammad Naeem Ibrahim 21813 IND
Abdul Rasool Rizvi TLP
Syed Fakhar Ul Islam Shah PPP
Zia Ur Rehman Khan JIP


PP 197 Pakpattan

Candidates Votes Party
Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar (Winner) 1119 PML-N
Tariq Qayyum Shah 791 IND
Ghulam Mohyu Din TLP
Rao Jamil Hashim Khan PPP
Khuram Iqbal JIP


PP 198 Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Peer Walayat Shah Khagga (Winner) 46091 PML-N
Sajjad Nasir 39111 IND
Muhammad Saghir Anjum 26198 IND
Peer Zafar Shah Khagga 12185 PPP
Muhammad Ghalib Mughal 8292 TLP


PP 199 Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Qasim Nadeem (Winner) 46255 PML-N
Ahmad Safdar Khan 43106 IND
Sarmad Shafqat 8865 PPP
Tayyab Mahmood Ashraf 5114 JIP
Hafiz Zar Bakhat Riaz 4940 TLP


PP 200 Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Mohammad Arshad Malik (Winner) 48871 PML-N
Ahmed Ali 37760 IND
Asad Ali Khan IND
Asif Ahmad PPP
Wasiq Rasheed JIP


PP 201 Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi (Winner) 40885 PML-N
Muhammad Yar 39440 IND
Muhammad Khalid 9629 TLP
Muhammad Yousuf 8718 PPP
Mian Hussain Ali 6104 IND


PP 202 Chichawatni, Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Rana Riaz Ahmad (Winner) 40477 PML-N
Haji Waheed Asghar Dogar 40072 IND
Shahzad Saeed Cheema 16404 PPP
Shahzad Ali MML
Feroz Ud Din Ahmad Anees JIP


PP 203 Chichawatni, Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Rai Murtaza Iqbal (Winner) 55874 IND
Ch Hanif Jutt 35163 PMLN
Zahid Iqbal 16614 IND
Majid Hussain 12744 TLP
Waheed Hussain 3891 PPP


PP 204 Chichawatni, Sahiwal

Candidates Votes Party
Major Ghulam Sarwar 60438 IND
Adil Saeed Gujjar 33722 IND
Malik Falak Sher Langrial 23522 IPP
Shahid Munir 10059 PPP
Umair Saleem 6200 TLP


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