PP 200 Sahiwal Candidate List 2024 and Election Results

In 2018 election, PMLN candidate Muhammad Arshad Malik won the seat.

The name of PP 200 constituency Sahiwal was PP 198 in Election 2018. In this article, we will be updating final candidates list of all political parties in this constituency and final results.

Candidates Votes Party
Mohammad Arshad Malik (Winner) 48871 PML-N
Ahmed Ali 37760 IND
Asad Ali Khan IND
Asif Ahmad PPP
Wasiq Rasheed JIP


Pakistan Muslim League N has issued party ticket to Muhammad Arshad Malik from Provincial Assembly Constituency PP-200 Sahiwal. PTI could not issue tickets due to Supreme Court decision. Now PP-200 candidates are as under:

  • Muhammad Arshad Malik (PMLN Candidate)
  • Malik Ahmad Yar (PTI candidate contesting independent)
  • Asif Ahmad (PPP)

PP 200 Sahiwal candidates Election 2024

PP 198 Sahiwal Election Result 2018 (Now PP 200)

Lets have a look at election results 2018 from this constituency.

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Muhammad Arshad Malik PML-N 46273
Mailk Faisal Ahmad Dhakku PTI 31162
Chaudhary Asif Ali Independent 25242
Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal PPP 3413
Jahan Khan Independent 3000
Anwar Ali Independent 2890
Muhammad Asghar Chishti TLP 2471
Ahmad Ali Independent 597
Muhammad Shaaban Independent 349
Muhammad Shahid Malik Independent 317
Haq Nawaz Independent 312
Syed Hassan Murtaza Shirazi APML 245
Bashir Ahmad Independent 234
Muhammad Aamir Ramzan Independent 79


The boundaries of this constituency for the seat of the Provincial Assembly are as follows.

a) Folowing areas of Sahwiwal Tehsil

  • Charge No. 11 of Metropolitan Corporation of Sahiwal
  • Charge No. 12 of Metropolitan Corporation of Sahiwal

b) Following Patwar Circles of Sahiwal Qanungo Halqa

  • Chak No. 90/9L
  • Chak No. 94/9L
  • Chak No. 96/9L
  • Chak No. 97/9L

c) Dera Rahim Qanungo Halqa

d) Town Committee Kameer (Charge No. 13)

of Sahiwal District

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