PP 199 Sahiwal Candidate List 2024 and Election Results

In 2018 election, PMLN candidate Malik Nadeem Kamran won the seat.

The name of PP 199 constituency Sahiwal was PP 197 in Election 2018. In this article, we will be updating final candidates list of all political parties in this constituency and final results.

Candidates Votes Party
Qasim Nadeem (Winner) 46255 PML-N
Ahmad Safdar Khan 43106 IND
Sarmad Shafqat 8865 PPP
Tayyab Mahmood Ashraf 5114 JIP
Hafiz Zar Bakhat Riaz 4940 TLP


Pakistan Muslim League N has issued party ticket to Qasim Nadeem from Provincial Assembly Constituency PP-199 Sahiwal. PTI could not issue tickets due to Supreme Court decision. Now PP-199 candidates are as under:

  • Rana Ahmad Safdar Khan (PTI candidate contesting independent)
  • Malik Qasim Nadeem Kamran (PMLN candidate)
  • Sarmad Shafqat (PPP)
  • Tayyab Mahmood Ashraf (Jamaat e Islami)

PP 199 candidates Sahiwal

PP 197 Sahiwal Election Result 2018 (Now PP 199)

Lets have a look at election results 2018 from this constituency.

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Malik Nadeem Kamran PML-N 63219
Sheikh Muhammad PTI 40912
Sarmad Shafqat PPP 7725
Shahzad Mahmood Khan TLP 5264
Muhammad Ikram Ul Haq MMA 2222
Qasim Nadeem Independent 906
Allah Ditta AAT 565
Chaudhry Naeem Nisar Arain Independent 557
Ali Rauf APP-S 233
Syed Ghazanfar Mehdi Independent 176
Hafiz Zar Bakhat Riaz Independent 89


The boundaries of this constituency for the seat of the Provincial Assembly are as follows.

a) Folowing areas of Sahwiwal Tehsil

  • Charge No. 9 of Metropolitan Corporation of Sahiwal
  • Charge No. 10 of Metropolitan Corporation of Sahiwal

b) Following Patwar Circles of Sahiwal Qanungo Halqa

  • Chak No. 81/5R
  • Chak No. 78/5R
  • Chak No. 90/6R
  • Chak No. 95/6R
  • Chak No. 97/6R

of Sahiwal District

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