Who are contesting candidates in PP-195 Arifwala city

11 candidates including 6 political parties and 5 independent candidates are in the fray.

Arifwala (Sahiwal Updates – Muhammad Inam Butt) Provincial Constituency PP 195 Arifwala’s political situation has reached a manipulative peak and many factions are coming together to defeat the strong candidate of PML-N.

There were 13 candidates in this constituency but now after the withdrawal of two candidates, 11 candidates including 6 political parties and 5 independent candidates are in the fray. Among them, PML-N ticket holder former MPA Pir Kashif Ali Chishti is on the first place.

Pir Kashif Ali Chishti belongs to a prominent political and landowning family of the country and has been elected MPA for four consecutive terms. His father late Pir Allah Yar Chishti was also elected MPA four times.

Pir Ghulam Ali Chishti of his family became unopposed member of West Pakistan twice and Pir Ali Gohar Chishti became member of West Pakistan once. In the two Union Councils of the constituency, his cousins Pir Khalid Qutb Chishti and Pir Sabir Chishti were always successful and were elected as Nazim and Chairman of the District Council. Pir Kashif Ali Chishti personally also has a large vote bank and the second election symbol of PML-N, lion, is considered a guarantee of his success.

The well-known and important business and social personality of this constituency is Chaudhry Tahir Iqbal Jutt, who is the owner of the country’s largest Go petroleum company. He does not participate in politics himself, but he keeps a keen eye on politics with interest and is also called the kingmaker of the world of local politics.

No matter which political party is in power, he devotes himself to the service of the people of the region in addition to carrying out development work in the constituency.  He has initiated numerous public welfare and service projects which are continuing successfully.

In this constituency, Aziz Imran Akram, a close relative of Chaudhry Tahir Iqbal Jutt, is participating in the election as an independent candidate on the symbol of Hooka. For him, the strong candidate of this constituency, former Tehsil Nazim Arifwala Khan Ameer Hamza Rath has also announced his withdrawal in favor of the candidate Imran Akram Jutt after getting the election symbol.

Ameer Hamza Rath stood second in the last election 2018 on PTI ticket. With the inclusion of Amir Hamza Rath, the position of Imran Akram Jutt has become stronger.

The third candidate is Salman Safdar Dhillon Jutt who is a new player in politics. Salman Safdar is a PTI ticket holder and is contesting the elections on the wicket sign. Salman Safdar Dhillon is living abroad and has come to Pakistan to contest the election and is trying his luck in politics for the first time from his native constituency of Qaboola. He has full support of PTI voters.

In this constituency, the candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party is Syed Imran Mohsin Gillani, the cousin of the well-known spiritual figure of the region, Pir Syed Salman Mohsin Gillani. A large number of devotees in the region are devoted to him. Syed Imran Mohsin Gellani is trying his luck on the sign of the arrow, he has a vote bank with ideological voters of PPP as well as followers and in personal capacity.

The candidate of Jamaat-e-Islami is Muhammad Abdullah Shakir who is hopeful of getting the vote of his nobility from the people of the constituency with the specific vote of Jamaat-e-Islami on the scales.

PP 195 Tehreek Labeek Pakistan candidate in Arifwala is Dewan Ali Ahmed, he belongs to Chishti family, he is participating in the election on his election symbol, he is also the influence in the constituency along with voters of Tehreek Labeek.

Pakistan Markazi Muslim League has issued a ticket to female candidate Asia Bibi, who is contesting the election on the ladder symbol.

Among the other candidates, Nazar Farid who belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party, this time the party did not give him a ticket but he is participating in the election as an independent candidate.

Apart from this, Rana Shahzad Hamid is participating in the election on the electoral symbol of Racket, Farah Tahir on Sheep and Ahsan Waqar on Peacock.

While in this constituency, Ali Imran Rath Advocate allotted the election symbol of bear as the covering candidate of his brother Amir Hamza Rath, but both these brothers have announced their support for independent candidate Imran Akram Jutt Advocate.

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