PP 193 Pakpattan Election 2024 Candidates, parties and Results

In 2018 election, PTI candidate Mian Muhammad Farrukh Mumtaz Maneka won the seat.

The name of PP 193 constituency Pakpattan was PP 191 in Election 2018. In this article, we will be updating final candidates list of all political parties in this constituency and final results.

Candidates Votes Party
Farooq Ahmed Khan Maneka 40172 PML-N
Mian Muhammad Hayat Maneka 38218 IND
Mian Muhammad Farrukh Mumtaz Maneka 23322 IND
Muhammad Ahmad 9679 TLP
Rao Usman Hashim Khan 2161 IND


PMLN has given ticket ot Farooq Manika. Here is the candidates list.

  • Rao Umar Hashim Khan (Independent)
  • Farooq Manika (PMLN)
  • Mian Muhammad Farukh Mumtaz (Independent)
  • Rao Rab Nawaz (Independent)

Lets have a look at election results 2018 from this constituency.

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Mian Muhammad Farrukh Mumtaz Maneka PTI 29363
Farooq Ahmad Khan Maneka Independent 29236
Mian Muhammad Hayat Maneka PML-N 27140
Sher Ahmad TLP 7295
Rao Jameel Hashim Khan Independent 5373
Qurban Ali PHP 2387
Muhammad Tayyab PPP 1956
Rao Khalil Ullah MMA 895
Muhammad Imran Independent 665
Ghaffar Amin Independent 526
Rana Waseem Liaqat Independent 437
Muhammad Ikram Wattoo Independent 200
Mian Asad Ullah Mumtaz Maneka Independent 152
Fateh Yar Khan Independent 132
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