PP 190 Okara Candidate List 2024 and Election Results

In 2018 election, PMLN candidate Main Yawar Zaman won the seat.

The name of PP 190 constituency Okara was PP 188 in Election 2018. In this article, we will be updating final candidates list of all political parties in this constituency and final results.

Candidates Votes Party
Mian Yawar Zaman (Winner) 61301 PML-N
Mehar Abdul Sattar 49238 IND
Khalid Farooq JIP
Muhammad Arif TLP
Javed Norang PPP


Pakistan Muslim League N has issued party ticket to Mian Yawar Zaman from Provincial Assembly Constituency PP-190 Okara.

  • Mian Yawar Zaman (PMLN)
  • Mehr Abdul Sattar (PTI)

PP 188 Okara Election Result 2018 (Now PP 190 Okara)

Lets have a look at election results 2018 from this constituency.

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Mian Yawar Zaman PML-N 54760
Chaudhary Muhammad Abdullah Tahir PTI 52159
Rao Ali Jabraan Khan Bhopal Independent 2725
Javeed Norang PPP 1840
Hafiz Shabaan Ahmad TLI 1378
Mian Humaiyoun Dastgeer Independent 801
Masood Shafqat Independent 359
Jalal Khan Jatoi Independent 146
Shahid Mehmood Chaudhary Independent 115
Rao Jameel Akhtar Independent 67
Khalid Farooq Independent 66
Peer Imtiaz Liaqat Bodla Independent 33
Tipu Usman Waheed Khan Independent 33


Okara: Mehr Abdul Sattar nomination papers approved

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