PP-186 Okara: Jugnu Mohsin’s Campaign getting momentum

Rai Mushtaq Ahmed Kharal's electoral symbol Hooka has also become extremely popular due to Jugnu Mohsin's poetic sense.

Jugnu Mohsin’s candidate for the election campaign of the Provincial Assembly has been declared as the favorite in PP-186 Okara.

According to the details, former MPA Jugnu Mohsin’s election campaign is being declared as the favorite among the independent election candidates of Okara district.

The election activities for the election to be held on 4 seats of the National Assembly and 8 seats of the Provincial Assembly in Okara district on February 8, 2024 have reached their peak.

The election campaign of Rai Mushtaq Ahmad Kharal, the nominee of former MPA Jugnu Mohsin, on the provincial seat PP 186 of Okara, has been described as organized, coordinated and favored by neutral circles.

Rai Mushtaq Ahmed Kharal’s electoral symbol Hooka has also become extremely popular due to Jugnu Mohsin’s poetic sense. Her slogan in the address has become so popular that elders who are fond of Hooka are heard saying “Rai Mushtaq da Hooka e Gur Gur Kurda Ae” in the villages.

Jugno Mohsin has also decided the strategy regarding the polling day for the victory of her candidate which includes transportation of voters to polling stations, collection of Form 45 at the end of voting and other steps.

Sources say that former opponents are also announcing their support for Rai Mushtaq Ahmed Kharal by joining the Mohsin group with a large vote bank.

It should be noted that Jugnu Mohsin’s initiative to put an end to hereditary politics by fielding her worker Rai Mushtaq Ahmad Kharal in her place in the election field is being appreciated by the opponents as well.

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