Okara: Jugnu Mohsin comes forward against hereditary politics

Jugnu Mohsin has submitted her worker's nomination papers on her won provincial assembly seat PP 186.

Okara (Sahiwal Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt) Former MPA Jugnu Mohsin has surprised all the political pundits by taking a unique step in the electoral history of Okara district.

According to the details, former MPA Jugnu Mohsin has submitted her worker’s nomination papers for the seat she won in the election 2018, taking practical steps to end hereditary politics.

Former MPA Jugnu Mohsin is the leader of popular political faction “Al Mohsin Group” of Okara district. She won a historic victory in the provincial assembly seat as an independent candidate in the election 2018 and had promised to end hereditary politics.

It was widely believed that this time too she will become an election candidate herself and will not fulfill the promise. However, she has surprised the political circles by submitting the nomination papers of her worker and group spokesperson Rai Mushtaq Ahmad Kharal for PP-186 constituency yesterday.

A convoy of hundreds of vehicles and motorcycles from Al Mohsin Haveli Shergarh reached Hujra Chowk under the leadership of Jugnu Mohsin.

Syeda Maimanat Mohsin, commonly known as Jugnu Mohsin, is a Pakistani politician and journalist. She was an independent member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab until 31 March 2022 and then joined PMLN on 1st April 2022. Her term ended on 14 January 2023.

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