OpenAI’s ChatGPT can provide latest information now

According to experts, ChatGPT is likely to change the way people search for information online.

New York (OpenAI – Washington Post Report)

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, has confirmed that it will now be able to access the latest information on the Internet. Previously, the AI-powered system ChatGPT was trained on data older than September 2021.

Due to a recent update by OpenAI, some premium users will be able to ask current affairs questions to the ChatGPT. However, according to OpenAI, this facility will be extended to general users soon.

Earlier this week, OpenAI revealed that the ChatGPT will soon be able to converse with users. It will see, hear and talk to the users.

It should be noted that ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence softwares try to use a reservoir of information to respond to user queries in a human-like manner.

According to experts, ChatGPT is likely to change the way people search for information online. However, till now the ‘information’ of this very popular chatbot was limited.

Its information repository or database was built on the basis of information available on the Internet prior to September 2021, meaning it was not capable of searching the Internet at the present time.

For example, if you ask the free version ChatGPT that if Donald Trump is alive, the answer would be ‘I’m sorry but I can’t give you current information.’

ChatGPT’s inability to respond with up-to-date information had lost its luster for some users.

You had to turn to Google, Twitter or any digital news website for news. Now you can use ChatGPT as your latest news source.

Now these chatbots will be able to answer the queries and searches for which earlier you had to go to Google or any other website.

However, searching using this platform can also have side effects. If it does not provide news from authentic sources and only mixes information from the internet, then the authenticity of the news will be questioned and people will believe that the information they are getting is true.

OpenAI is under the watchful eye of regulators in the US because of concerns that ChatGPT could become a source of misleading information.

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wrote to OpenAI. In which the commission asked for information on how the company will try to deal with the risk to public reputation. In response, OpenAI’s chief executive said the company is ready to work with the FTC.

There are several reasons why chatgpt has not been able to search the internet until now. One of the main reasons for this is the cost of computing. It is generally said that each question costs OpenAI a few cents.

It also guarantees limited data protection. ChatGPT may not publish illegal or dangerous content on the Internet in response to a query.

When ChatGPT was asked why it took so long to give users access to the latest information, it gave three answers.

“For one thing, language models take a lot of time and require a lot of people,” it said. Using updated information could potentially reveal unauthenticated information and there were privacy and regulatory issues in accessing updated information. In particular, the unauthorized use of material that is not copyrighted.

Chat GPT’s new feature points to major issues facing the AI sector. It may take a little practice to use it well, but in this case the technology can be misused and even more dangerous.

How is ChatGPT affecting Google?

Google is perhaps the most affecting company which is trying to survive. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has established its strong basis and every student, teacher, software developer and common user is using ChatGPT for the latest information.

Unlike Google people don’t have to search their required information from websites. ChatGPT does this and answers the question.

As a result, Google has lost tremendous traffic and users which has ruined the business of freelancers linked to “Guest Posting“. Why the website owners will write new content if no one is going to visit their websites?

Secondly, Google is trying to compete ChatGPT with its AI tool “Bard” but it seems a failure. People who are using ChatGPT are not ready to leave it and go to Bard. On the other hand Google has not launched android application for Bard which is another reason of its failure.

Thirdly, Google is using Bard to defeat spamming on its platforms which is proved deadly attack on freelancers who were working on “Google My Business” and “Youtube Channel Watchtime”.

Google is removing the paid reviews from Google My Business and hence freelancers are moving to Yelp, Trustpilot or other platforms for business.

Similarly, Google is removing Youtube Channel Watchtime which is provided by paid groups. This ruined the business of freelancers connected to Youtube Services.

“If the users leave google and go to ChatGPT for good, how will Google be able to keep “Google Ads” alive?

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