I was PM in the morning, made hijacker in the Evening, Nawaz Sharif

This was done just to pave the way of the Selected (Imran Khan).

Addressing the 12th session of the Parliamentary Committee of the Muslim League-N, former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif asked important questions.

Nawaz Sharif was talking while Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz was also present there. MNS said that:

I was the Prime Minister in the morning and was made a hijacker in the evening.

He said that despite the hindrance in the constitution and law, the Prime Minister had to be removed. And this was done just to pave the way of the Selected (Imran Khan).

In our times, electricity load shedding was ending, CPEC was coming to Pakistan, it was being said that Pakistan would join the G20.

Former Prime Minister further said that they called good bye to IMF as God Hafiz. We were returning foreign loans, we did not take loans during our time.

The leader of PML-N further said that the government which was brought by RTS could not even build a motorway.

If our government was not overturned, it would have been built. Who ended terrorism from Karachi? In Sindh we extracted coal, electricity is being generated from it. In Karachi we set up a 2200 MW power plant.

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