Battle for Ticket: NA 143 Chichiwatani Political War

Malik Nauman Langriyal plans to contest the National Assembly elections from this constituency on behalf of his party.

Written by: Arshad Farooq Butt

The name of NA 143 Chichawatni is also coming up in the constituencies of the National Assembly where the seat adjustment is taking place between the Pakistan Muslim League-N and the Istehkam e Pakistan Party.

This Constituency consists of Chichawatni City Area and its Qanungo including Kasowal, Iqbal Nagar, Shahkot, Okanwala Constituencies. Apart from this, some Patwar Circles of Ghaziabad Qanungo Constituency are also included in it.

Istehkam e Pakistan Party’s main leadet Malik Nauman Langriyal plans to contest the National Assembly elections from this constituency on behalf of his party.

Malik Nauman Langriyal

Malik Nauman Langriyal has been a former MNA, former MPA and a provincial minister. The deviant members of PTI involved in bringing down the PTI government and making Hamza Shehbaz the Chief Minister were led by Malik Nauman Langriyal.

Unlike other candidates of this constituency, he continues to participate in various talk shows and is used to being in the news.

In the new constituencies in Chichawatani, he has transferred the vote of the Jutt community which caused his defeat in the by-election. He has included those circles in his provincial constituency PP 204 where his vote bank is high.

(There is also a rumor of Jahangir Tareen contesting elections from this constituency of Chichawatni)

Chaudhry Muhammad Tufail Jutt

On the other hand, former MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Tufail Jutt is the strongest candidate of PML-N from this constituency. He is among the few PML-N candidates who got more than one lakh votes in the 2018 election.

The achievements he has achieved in the political field of Chichawatni in two decades except the last election is also a record in the history of Chichawatni. Any attempt by the PML-N to bypass him or restrict him to provincial constituencies may result in a repeat of the history of the last by-elections, which will bring nothing to anyone’s hands.

His new political camp behind the Taj Mahal restaurant is now full of political activity. In the two provincial constituencies PP 202 and 203 of Chichawatani, delimitations have been made in such a way that they will benefit the PML-N candidates. A better political pitch has now been provided for PML-N former MPA Rana Riaz and former ticket holder Shahid Farooq.

Rai Murtaza Iqbal

Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA Rai Murtaza Iqbal is currently in hiding and is waiting for the right time to enter the election field. The Rai brothers intend to contest the election from Tehreek-e-Insaf, but they are being pressured by the establishment to contest the election as independent candidates.

In the last election 2018, the political campaign of Rai Murtaza Iqbal was conducted by 5 former MNAs, including Rai Hasan Nawaz, Rai Azizullah, Chaudhry Saeed Gujjar, Malik Nauman Langriyal and Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal.

After the death of Chaudhry Saeed Gujjar, his son and political successor Chaudhry Adil Saeed Gujjar is upset about not getting tickets. Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal has moved to NA 142 after reconciling with the other leaders. Malik Nauman Langriyal is now campaigning for himself. In this way, the political scenario has completely changed in election 2024.

Establishment is trying to get the candidate of Muslim League-N or Istehkam e Pakistan Party from NA-143. Because in both cases only the establishment benefits.

NA 143
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