NA 142 Sahiwal Election Results 2024 and Candidate List

In 2018 election, PMLN candidate Chaudry Muhammad Ashraf won the seat.

The name of NA 142 constituency Sahiwal was NA 148 in Election 2018. In this article, we will be updating final candidates list of all political parties in this constituency and final results.

Candidates Votes Party
Ch Usman Ali (Winner) 107496 IND
Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf 96125 PML-N
Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi 29647 IND
Rai Munsaf Shabeer Ahmad 29349 TLP
Mehar Ghulam Farid Kathiya 28191 PPP


PMLN has awarded its ticket to Ch Muhammad Ashraf and PTI could not issue tickets due to Supreme Court decision. Now NA-142 candidates are as under:

  • Ch Muhammad Ashraf (PMLN Candidate)
  • Ch Usman Ali (PTI Candidate contesting Independent)
  • Ghulam Farid Kathia (PPP)
  • Muhammad Shahid Abbas (Jamaat e Islami)
  • Ayesha Arshad (Independent)

NA-142 candidates Election 2024

NA 148 Sahiwal Election Result 2018 (Now NA 142)

Lets have a look at election results 2018 from this constituency.

Candidate Name Party Name Votes
Chaudry Muhammad Ashraf PML-N 129027
Malik Muhammad Yar Dhako PTI 87848
Mahar Ghulam Farid Kathia PPP 18952
Rai Munsaf Shabeer Ahmed TLP 15769
Muhammad Tanveer Choudhary Independent 9592
Sami Minhas Independent 3472
Umair Javed MMA 2723
Muhammad Amjad APML 1203
Tariq Aziz AL 493
Malik Muhammad Ramzan Independent 579


The boundaries of this constituency for the seat of the National Assembly are as follows.

(a) Following areas of Sahiwal Tehsil:

(i) Muhammad Pur Qanungo Halqa;

(ii) Harappa Qanungo Halqa;

(iii) Nai Wala Qanungo Halqa;

(iv) Dera Rahim Qanungo Halqa;

(v) Sahiwal Qanungo Halqa excluding following Patwar Circles:

(1) Chak No.78/5-R;

(2) Chak No.81/5-R;

(3) Chak No.90/9-L;

(vi) Following Patwar Circles of Yousafwala Qanungo Halqa:

(1) Chak No.78/5-L;

(2) Chak No.80/5-L;

(3) Chak No.111/9-L;

(b) Town Committee Kameer (Charge No.13);

(c) Town Committee Harrappa (Charge No.14);

(d) Following areas of Chichawatni Tehsil:

(i) Dad Fatiana Qanungo Halqa;

(ii) Following Patwar Circles of Ghaziabad Qanungo Halqa:

(1) Chak No. 161/9-L;

(2) Chak No. 162/9-L

(3) Chak No. 164/9-L

(4) Chak No. 173/9-L

(5) Chak No. 174/9-L

(6) Chak No. 12/11-L

(7) Chak No. 18/11-L

(8) Chak No. 20/11-L

(9) Chak No. 22/11-L

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