NA-142 Sahiwal: PMLN Candidates battle stabilizes PTI Candidate

PP 201 consists of local and migrant ballots in which the majority of voters are from the Arain community.

Written by: Munir Sajid Arain

The differences of PML-N candidates regarding the distribution of party tickets for election 2024 intensified when the Parliamentary Board of PML-N, maintaining the previous traditions, issued the NA142 ticket to Chaudhry Ashraf, and PP-201 ticket to former MPA Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi.

Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi’s wife Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi was adamant that the MNA ticket should have been given to her. When this was not the case, Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi rebelled against the Muslim League-N and announced to contest the election as an independent candidate.

Considering the same situation, Mian Shahid Ali also submitted his nomination papers against Naveed Aslam Khan and he is also contesting the election as an independent candidate.

It should be remembered that this time the candidate who is competing against Chaudhry Ashraf is also from the Arain community. Chaudhry Ashraf has always benefited from the community vote but this time that vote will be split.

On the other hand, if Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi continues to oppose Chaudhry Ashraf, then Chaudhry Ashraf and Ayesha Arshad will also suffer.

In this context, it is certain that Chaudhry Ashraf’s strong factions will not vote for Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi at the request of Chaudhry Ashraf.

Another candidate Mian Hasnain Ramay who is campaigning day and night, the local belt is full of his supporters is also becoming a headache for Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi.

Mian Muhammad Yar Damra, Maher Irshad Hussain Kathia, Tauqeer Umar Khan also belong to the local belt. This will also affect Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi’s vote bank.

Constituency PP 201 consists of local and migrant ballots in which the majority of voters are from the Arain community.

Due to mutual opposition of PML-N, Chaudhry Ashraf will prevent special factions of his community from casting votes for Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi. They are running a campaign against it. The MPA candidate of PML-N will also lose it.

Khan Liaquat Hayat Khan Lodhi also has an important role in this game of politics. Before this election, the entire responsibility of the campaign in this constituency, especially in the 9L area, was held by Khan Liaquat Hayat Khan Lodhi.

The late Khan Muhammad Arshad Khan Lodhi used to hold meetings only and Liaqat Hayat Khan Lodhi looked after all other matters.

Their factions are still present in every village. Khan Liaqat Hayat Khan Lodhi, Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi and Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi still have strong differences.

Opposition to Liaquat Hayat Khan Lodhi is a dangerous signal for Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi. On the one hand, the fight between each other and on the other, the popularity of PTI, in this context, the seats of both the candidates of PML-N are at stake.

In the next couple of days, what the Muslim League-N and the king of politics of this constituency, Khan Liaqat Hayat Khan Lodhi, decide, the current situation of the constituency will be clearly decided.

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