Myla Sinanaj: Bio, Net Worth 2024 And Other Exciting Fact of Her Life

Fatmire Sinanaj was born on January 1st, 1987, in Ellenville in Ulster Country, New York, USA.

People get famous for many reasons: actors, singers, reality stars, internet celebrities, journalists, and someone’s spouse. However, Myla Sinanaj has a very different reason for her popularity.

Yes! Surprisingly, Myla Sinanaj is famous as an ex of the star’s ex as she has been dating a boy named Kris Humphries.

If you want to know about Myla Sinanaj’s personal life. Net worth 2024 and other exciting facts, then stay tuned. Let’s start to know about her.

Myla Sinanaj Biography

Fatmire Sinanaj was born on January 1st, 1987, in Ellenville in Ulster Country, New York, USA. However, her parents shifted from Albania to the US before her birth. She is an American national with having Albanian background. Currently, she is living in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Since her childhood, Myla had been passionate about becoming famous; however, she did not choose the way. Myla Sinanaj completed her Ellenville High School and started work at Gansevoort Park Hotel. She said that she was designated as a manager there.

Myla Sinanaj’s rise to fame

When Myla worked in the hotel where she met Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. Myla Sinanaj came across the way of Kris when he was divorcing Kim Kardashian. More interestingly, Kim and Kris’s marriage remained only for 72 hours. Kris Humphries was also renowned because of Kim.

So, Myla took advantage of this opportunity and started to try to look like Kim Kardashian. Moreover, she used every opportunity to defame Kim, and in 2013, Myla accused Kim that she is cheating on Kanye West. Myla also claimed she had evidence to show but kept this proof private.

After that, Sinanaj filmed a porn video titled “Anti Kim Kardashian XXX.” In that movie, the lead actor looked like Kris Humphries, and Myla appeared as the leading actress in the film.

The only purpose of this movie was to make herself famous overnight. However, this could not catch enough media attention. Myla used every opportunity to insult and defame Kim.

Consequently, Myla Sinanaj lost her credibility as Kim’s fans started to hate her. Moreover, she also tried her best to become a model; unfortunately, she could not make it. Myla also tried her luck in the singing field and sang a song with Adam Bart named I’m no Angel.

Myla had done many plastic surgeries as she wanted to look like Kim and invested more than $30,000.

Myla Sinanaj Net Worth 2024

Myla Sinanaj’s net worth is approximately $200,000, which she earned from her various professional tries. However, we can’t say about her exact profession and specific source of income.

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