Highest Net Worth Gambler Including Mikki Gambler Net Worth 2024

Undoubtedly, luck only matters when a person gambles on a specific sport or a race.

According to general opinion, people usually think gambling is just a game of luck. However, many people still have opted for gambling as their primary source of income.

Undoubtedly, luck only matters when a person gambles on a specific sport or a race. A sharp mind and long years of experience are considered the plus point in gambling and increase the winning percentage.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most successful, richest, and mind-blowing gamblers in the world, including Mikki Gambler net worth and his gambling profession. Moreover, you will also know how they manage to play tricky games while gambling.

Here we are going to discuss Mikki Gambler net worth and other highest net worth 2024 gamblers.

1: Bill Benter

Bill Benter is a renowned name in gambling and is well known for his sharp betting skills in horse racing and Blackjack. According to some sources, Bill usually makes $ 100 million annually and $5-$10 million from a single bet on horse racing.

Bill Benter’s academic background is bright, and he studied Physics. Later, he decided to use his sharp mind in gambling. Therefore, after completing his studies, he entered the gambling world, where he grinned for seven years.

Lastly, he got banned from all the Las Vegas casinos and then moved to Hong Kong to test his luck in the new place.

After shifting to a new place, Bill Benter introduced to the gambling world the world’s first software that could help gamblers while betting. So, he did a great job by doing so.

After that, he earned a huge net worth in the gambling world. His creation of software and successful gambling career have made Benter one of the biggest gamblers in the gambling world.

2: Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is also a well-recognized name in the gambling world, and one must know him if he is interested in gambling. Tony Bloom is also known as the Poker legend, and he is also the football club chairman.

Tony bloom is the owner of the UK’s most prominent gambling consultancy syndicated as this company makes millions of pounds every year.

Since his childhood, Bloom has been taking an interest in gambling. He once said he used to spend his pocket money to spin the reels of the fruit machines during his childhood.

At 15, Tony made a fake ID to place several bets at the meagre. However, he started his professional career as an Accountant. After some time, he moved towards trading.

As we know, Tony has always remained interested in gambling since his childhood; Tony entered the world of gambling while pursuing his trading. Then he earned huge money in the gambling world. Now he has a net worth of about $ 1.7 billion and is known for his sharp tricks of betting in sports.

3: Edward Thorp

Edward is renowned for his mathematical background as he completed his studies with a master’s degree in physics and Ph.D. in Mathematics. He is also a mathematics professor. His second introduction is the “father of card counting.”

Thorp also wrote a book on gambling and how to level up your card-counting strategy. Edward is the first person in the gambling world who introduced computer simulation to make his blackjack strategies.

This helped him to pursue his successful gambling career. So, he is considered one of the wealthiest gamblers in his gambling world.

Edward Thorp’s net worth is about $ 800 million, and he is most known for Blackjack and Baccarat.

4: Andrew Black

A British entrepreneur is renowned for horse racing and bridge. He is also known for creating Betfair, which is the world’s largest bet exchange in the world. At a young age, Andrew worked in several professions while keeping gambling his sideline.

He left his job after earning good experience and handsome money from gambling. Andrew faced a tough time at the beginning of his gambling career; however, when he created software that could help gamblers during gambling. Then many big companies noticed his talent. After that, Andrew partnered and started his own software business.

Andrew Black’s net worth is about $670 million. However, he focuses on his software profession and admits that he achieved this status from his successful gambling career.

5: Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec has an approximate net worth of about $600 million. He is renowned for his successful gambling career in horse racing, Blackjack, multiple sports betting, and keno.

He earned huge respect in the gambling world and is known as “The Joker.” He studied Physics and Law and is known as a mathematician.

Zeljko is also a renowned Australian businessman and turns over$1 a billion in betting revenue annually. He also won $ 7.5 million on keno.

6: Mikki Gambler Net Worth

Mase is more known as Mikki Gambler, an Instagram sensation and high-stakes gambler who daily posts his casino experience for his followers and gamble lover. As he is new in the field, it is tough to say about Mikki Gambler net worth.

However, his Instagram account frequently shows the highs and lows of his gambling field, but the ratio of highs is more than the lows. His Instagram page tells about how volatile gambling is.

Moreover, as he is new in the field, according to some estimations, Mikki Gambler net worth is about $8,45,000; however, it is his start in the gambling world he would earn more with his experience.

He shared the table with the poker legends like Antonio Esfandiari and Garrett Adelstein in one of his posts on Instagram.


The gambling industry is going to its higher level with every passing year. More people have shifted their focus to the gambling world since it shifted to online. People feel easier to make money from home.

One can only choose to gamble as his primary earning source if he is good enough and can easily handle its ups and downs.

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