Mia Khalifa Engaged- Exciting News For Her Fans

Robert Sandberg, on his Instagram, disclosed that he proposed to Mia while they were enjoying their trip to Chicago, and Mia said yes to him.

Mia Khalifa engaged Robert Sandberg, a Swedish chef. Yes! Mia Khalifa, an ex-porn star, and Robert Sandberg announced their engagement. However, Robert said Mia ruined his romantic plan, but it was all right in the end.

Robert Sandberg, on his Instagram, disclosed that he proposed to Mia while they were enjoying their trip to Chicago, and Mia said yes to him.

Robbert added that he hid the ring in the bowl full of dried ingredients that Mia started eating unconsciously. However, I stopped her by telling her about the ring and proposed to Mia. Surprisingly she said yes!

Is Mia Khalifa Engaged?

Lebanese-born Mia looked excited and extremely pleased at her relationship with Robert Sandberg. Moreover, she thanked the restaurant management and staff who helped her boyfriend to make their proposal memorable. After that, the newly engaged couple had dinner together.

Moreover, Mia has changed her relationship status from single to engaged on her Instagram profile. She also posted a picture of her and Robert where both could be seen, along with an engagement ring on Mia’s hand.

Furthermore, Mia will marry a second time as she divorced her first marriage in 2016. However, this would be a busy year for her as Mia Khalifa engaged and would be married soon. Mia had a breast implant change before her proposal.

After her surgery, Mia said that Robert remained with her during her painful days, and she is very thankful to him for his care. Moreover, Mia also posted a picture on Instagram where both can be seen together, and Mia wrote that he is her favourite boy.

Mia Khalifa was born on Feb 10, 1993 and now she is 31 years old. Her relationships have been controversial as she is an independent girl and porn industry cast a non-removable effect on her personality. Usually people avoid such girls but yes, some love such girls and that’s the point when she gets proposals full of lust.

Mia Khalifa Social Media Accounts and profies

31 years old Mia is still popular and has 27M followers on her instagram account which can be visited at:


She has 6.2 million followers on her twitter account which is constantly growing among her bold fans. Here is the URL of her Twitter account.


Tiktok is another great video sharing platform and Mia has 37.7 million followers on it. Her videos are being watched and liked by huge numbers of fans. Here is her Tiktok account URL:


On facebook, Mia has an outstanding page having 4.2 million followers and it is growing fast. Here is the URL.


Mia Khalifa has a youtube channel which has 967k followers. She doesn’t upload content on it and there is no playlist. The channel’s community tab is also empty and one wonders why she has left this platform empty. Here is the URL.


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