Mia Khalifa disliked the fan who got her face tattooed on his leg

Mia Khalifa has long since she left her adult career behind her, and is now a social media influencer.

The former adult film actress Mia Khalifa had a scornful response to a fan who decided to get her face tattooed on his leg.

According to the details, the former adult film actress saw that a fan had posted a picture of her tattoo on his leg, which was a rendering of her face.

It is customary to have a partner’s name on the body in the form of tattoos and people like it. The tattoo of face is extreme level to show someone you like her. But without permission if you do it and especially for a person who is not your partner may get you in trouble and in this case this happened.

Mia Khalifa has long since she left her adult career behind her, and is now a social media influencer. While some people might be flattered by a fan getting a tattoo of her, Khalifa most certainly was not.

In fact, when she saw the tattoo she decided to tell the fan exactly what she thought after seeing life-like portrait of herself. She certainly didn’t mince her words. Here is her response:

“First of all, you’re an idiot, second of all, my eyebrows are uneven, third of all, what kind of two-for-one special did you get this tattoo on?”

In fairness to her, the tattoo was not the best rendering of her, looking more like a rough sketch than the finished image. Mia Khalifa clearly took this view, adding:

“I look like I just crawled out of the depths of hell nose first. What kind of dumbass would permanently mark her body with this? This isn’t cool or flattering… you’re an idiot lol.”

Of course, there is one final question which having a tattoo of someone who is known to have been a famous adult star might provoke in people. That is of course how you would go about explaining it to any potential partners in the future.

Because nothing screams ‘boyfriend material’ quite like a tattoo of a former adult star. Khalifa finished her response against the fan by pointing this out, writing:

“Good luck explaining this to any future significant others. Idiot.”

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