Maryam Nawaz Speech Live Today in Iqbal Stadium Okara

Maryam Nawaz has said without naming Imran Khan that his umpires and forgery have been caught.

Okara (Maryam Nawaz Speech Live Today)

While addressing PMLN Jalsa in Okara, Maryam Nawaz has said without naming Imran Khan that his umpires and forgery have been caught.

Facilitation of PTI has also been captured. PTI’s election symbol was the baton with which attacks on national institutions were carried out. That baton has now been taken away from PTI.

Each and every character who oppressed Nawaz Sharif is reaching his end. A terrorist party cannot get the election symbol of a political party. Nawaz Sharif has told me to start the campaign from Okara. Lion will roar in Okara on February 8 election 2024.

She said that Nawaz Sharif did not take revenge, nature has taken suo motu. The coward judge has left the shoes and run away with resignation. We have seen the oppressor running away from the premises of the courts leaving his shoe.

He who is truthful like Nawaz Sharif stands firm. The PML-N leader said that the bigger the tyrant, the bigger the coward. By holding others accountable, these people became pharaohs. Today, when their turn comes, they leave their shoes and run away.

The one who called people thieves stole watches. People’s mothers, sisters and daughters were arrested. When their turn came, they ran away showing cowardice.

Imran Khan himself is responsible for what is happening with PTI today. PTI is making noise that the election symbol has been withdrawn. Their election symbol should be the watch they stole. We ask the Election Commission to give PTI the stick or petrol bomb symbol.

Imran Khan used to say that Nawaz Sharif has a habit of playing with the umpire. Nawaz Sharif’s umpire is the people. Nawaz Sharif has to give a strong government.

The stronger the government given to Nawaz Sharif, the cheaper medicine the people will get. We have no revenge in our hearts, Nawaz Sharif was holding a meeting today on how to provide cheap electricity and gas to the people.

Our government’s full focus will be on reducing inflation, my most focus will be on improving the future of the youth, we will build Danish schools and hospitals in every district, women stopped our vehicles on the way and inquired about Gas load-shedding.

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