Malaika Terry: Drake’s New Sweetheart, Her Interesting Life

Malaika was born on 6th March 1996. Her birthplace is Brampton, Canada.

Malaika Terry is a quickly growing name on social media platforms, making everyone curious about her. Drake’s latest sweetheart has become the most popular introduction of Malaika Terry.

Many have seen Malaika and Drake together in some places, and everyone wants to know about their chemistry. 

This article includes every exciting detail about Malaika Terry, including her personal and professional life and career. Stay tuned and read the article below.

Personal Life Malaika Terry

Malaika was born on 6th March 1996. Her birthplace is Brampton, Canada. She is 27 years old now. Malaika Terry belongs to the Jamaican and Irish ethnicity and is an American national. 

Moreover, she has two siblings, one brother and one sister. She posted her pictures with her siblings on Instagram. However, she did not tell more about her academic and family background.

Malaika Terry moved from Canada to Los Angeles to continue her career as a model. Moreover, Terry has more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

She is a social media star as well as a model. Her new style trends and showcasing various hairstyles make her different and famous on social media.

Relationship Status

In 2018, Malaika Terry’s popularity touched the sky when she was seen with the famous rapper Drake. Many have suggested that they both are dating. The couple has been dating for a few months. 

However, some voices echo from Drake’s side, stating that Drake’s way of treating Malaika Terry makes her special in front of everyone. However, according to information, Malaika also met with Drake’s mother. 

This news makes everyone curious about their relationship. However, no post or authentication came from either side.

However, her relationship rumour with Drake has made her even more popular. After her dating news, her followers on her social accounts cross the number 1 million. Here are the links to her social media accounts:

 Instagram: @malaikaterry

Snapchat Name: @imcleopatravii


Maiaika Terry Net Worth 2024

Malaika is included as one of the richest and most renowned models. According to many sources, she has a net worth of about $5 million.

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