Election Tribunal approves Major Ghulam Sarwar Nomination Papers

Major Ghulam Sarwar is a PTI candidate from PP 204 Chichawatni, Sahiwal.

The Election Tribunal Multan Bench has approved the nomination papers of PTI candidate Major Ghulam Sarwar for PP-204 Chichawatni, Distt. Sahiwal.

According to the details, the Election Tribunal Multan Bench has announced the reserved decision of PP 204 Chichawatni. The nomination papers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Major Retired Ghulam Sarwar for PP 204 Chichawatni were rejected by the Returning Officer.

The Election Tribunal Multan Bench has suspended the decision of the Returning Officer of PP 204 Chichawatni.

It should be noted that Major Retired Ghulam Sarwar surprised the political pundits by defeating Malik Nauman Langriyal, who was contesting on the ticket of Muslim League-N from the same constituency in the by-election 2022.

PP 202 (Now PP 204) Chichawatni By-Election Result 2022

This constituency became vacant because election commission of Pakistan de-seated Malik Nouman Ahmed Langrial and ordered re-polling in the constituency. So By-Poll held in this constituency on July 07, 2022. Major (R) Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar was elected MPA from PP-202 Sahiwal 7 in bye election 2022.

Candidate Name Party Votes
Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar PTI 62298
Malik Nauman Ahmad Langriyal PML-N 59191
Umair Aslam TLP 5222
Abdul Rehman Awan Independent 498
Muhammad Falak Sher Langrial Independent 395
Naeem Akhtar Chaudhary Independent 270
Naseer Qadir Independent 201
Aasim Nawaz Independent 48


After today decision, It is being said that the decision for Rai Group might be the similar on jan 7. Rai Hassan Nawaz and Rai Murtaza Iqbal will contest the election in NA-143 and PP-203 Chichawatni.

The boundaries of this constituency for the seat of the Provincial Assembly are as follows.

Folowing areas of Chichawatni Tehsil, District Sahiwal:

I. Kassowal Qanungo Halqa
II. Iqbal nagar Qanungo halqa
III. Shahkot Qanungo Halqa

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