Lia Dias, Her Controversial Marriage Life, And Other Exciting Facts

Colin and Lia’s marriage remained for 8 years.

Dr Colin Dias is a renowned psychiatrist who belongs to California and remains affiliated with many hospitals in the state. Colin also worked at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Keck Medical Center of USC.

Dr Colin married Los Angeles-based star “Lia Dias”; however, according to the latest news, Lia filed for divorce. Lia alleged Colin of domestic violence while filing for divorce.

In this article, we’ll discuss Dr Colin Dias and Lia Dias, their life, career, and other facts related to their personal life. So, please read the complete article to know everything about them.

Colin & Lia Dias’ Marriage

Colin and Lia Dias tied the knot on 24th May 2014, but some sources also claimed that the couple secretly married in Las Vegas in 2013. However, the couple went through many ups and down in their marital relationship.

The couple has two children together named. Kaylin Rose was born on 30th September 2015, and Colin Jr.’s date of birth was 2nd November 2016. Lia Dias has one more daughter from her previous relationship named Kayla Nichole, born on 14th November 2004.

Colin and Lia’s marriage remained for 8 years. The couple parted ways because Lia realized she could not live as a home mom.

After that, Lia Dias shifted to one of her rental properties, but Colin refused to send his two children with Lia. So, Lia and Kayla left Colin’s home after the controversies between them.

On 17th August 2021, Colin filed for divorce, but law enforcement reunited Lia and her children.

Married to Medicine

In September 2012, Los Angeles star Lia Dias said Colin pushed her onto the ground and kicked her.

She also added the plethora of domestic violence events that led to their separation. Conversely, Colin claimed in the courtroom that Lia was “Erratic and emotionally abusive” throughout their married life.

Colin also told the Court that Lia punched him in the gut soon after his abdominal surgery. However, Lia confessed that she had beaten Colin, but this was a self-defence reaction.

Lia Dias Tried to Kill Colin Dias

Lia Dias was detained because she violated the stay-away order of the LAPD as she approached her spouse too closely despite an LAPD order. Colin alleged that Lia threatened to murder him.

So, in August, LAPD detained Lia for violating the restraining order. According to LAPD, Lia broke the terms of the stay-away order. As a result, Court detained her. Consequently, Lia had to stay a few nights in jail after being charged with two misdemeanors.

According to LAPD, Lia was kept in jail for breaking the restraining order, and the Court also ordered her to stay away from Colin’s Beverly Hill house.

However, Lia claimed she went to the Beverly Hills house to receive her mail. Moreover, she added that when she went there, she saw a U-Haul truck on the premises that was loaded with her personal things.

Lia also said her husband called the police and told them Lia brought arms with her. However, she said that she had returned her jewelry and other belongings.

However, Colin has been kept under court-ordered protection ever since she alleged to her wife that Lia threatened to murder him.

She also attacked him when he was out with his two children as LAPD ordered Lia to stay away from Colin, his house, and their children.

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