Weight Loss Kirsten Vangsness Interesting Body Transformation 2023

This article will discuss weight loss Kirsten Vangsness and her journey toward weight management.

Do you know about Kirsten Vangsness and her recent change in her weight? Have you any idea about this beautiful lady? This article will discuss weight loss Kirsten Vangsness and her journey toward weight management. Let’s get started.

Kirsten Simone Vangsness is a famous American actress and is mainly recognized for her work in the TV series “Criminal Minds.” She also appeared in many other TV series and movies like “In My Sleep, the Chicago 8, and many more.

Kirsten came from Pasadena, California. The thing which made Kirsten famous in the media is her weight loss story. She had weight problems during her life, and interestingly, she reduced her weight by 50 pounds.

This surprising news about her weight made her famous, and people got curious to know she had lost such a huge weight in one year.

She gained immense popularity in her story “Weight Loss Kristen Vangsness” because she has struggled with weight loss problems since childhood.

In her teenage years, Vangsness remained nervous and shy due to her overweight issue. Despite this fact, Kristen dared to come to the stage and started her acting career with her shy personality.

Kristen Vangsness  Professional Career

In 2004, Kristen debuted her acting career, played a role in the TV series “Phil of the Future”, and appeared in many LAX episodes. After one year, she appeared in the TV series “Criminal Minds”, which made her famous in the TV industry.

The year 2005 played a crucial role in her career because her popularity touched the sky due to her role in the TV series Criminal Minds.

However, at that time, she was also struggling with her weight as she was obese and wanted to maintain her body. Weight loss Kristen Vangsness also shared during one of the interviews that she is gay and in a relationship with Melanie Goldstein, a movie editor.

Kristen Vangsness Weight Loss Story

Until 2013, both of them continued their relationship; however, after that, Kristen began dating Keith Hanson. Interestingly, people did not bother much about her changing relationship status, but her weight-changing story under the title “Weight loss Kirsten Vangsness” was a real surprise.

In 2014, Kristen remained in the media focus due to her weight transformation story because she lost about 50 pounds and shocked everybody. People got curious to know about how she reduced her weight.

However, Kristen said that Kirsten reduced her weight with the help of books and by listening to the podcasts Renee Stephens. Moreover, she continued her schematic diet plan for up to six weeks.

Diet Plan of Weight Loss Kirsten Vangsness

Three years after Weight loss Kristen Vangsness is still managing her diet and size. Moreover, she always credits Stephens for her weight management success because he motivated her to become healthier. Now, she shows more interest in spiritual connection and meditation.

However, Kristen never shared her diet plan in public and did not even tell how she practiced her dieting routine. Moreover, people are still curious to know her diet plan and many of her fans still need help finding her recipes.

Besides this, many people assumed that Kirsten became a vegetarian as they linked her because of her spiritual thoughts and meditation recommendation.

Many experts made diet plans presuming that would help to lose weight as Kirsten lost her weight. This diet plan included vegetables and fruits and inserted coconut water, tuna, and mushroom salad.

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