Kirsten Dunst says Hollywood paying actors more than actresses

Actress Kristen has 2.4 million followers on her instagram account.

American actress Kirsten Dunst has criticized the fact that male actors are paid more than women in Hollywood. During an interview, 41 years old Kirsten Dunst said:

“I grew up in a time when there was a big pay gap between me and my male co-stars.”

Kirsten Caroline Dunst said that she was paid less than her male co-stars even though films like 1995’s Jumanji and 2000’s Bring It On were more successful at the box office.

She said that I was 17 years old and learning, I did not even think of asking about this. According to foreign media reports, Kirsten Dunst’s next new film Civil War is being released on April 12.

Who is Kristen Dunst?

Kirsten Caroline Dunst is an American actress. She made her acting debut in the anthology film New York Stories. She gained recognition for her role as child vampire Claudia in the horror film Interview with the Vampire, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Kristen Dunst Instagram

It should be noted that Kristen has 2.4 million followers on her instagram account which can be visited at:

Kristen Dunst Net Worth 2024

Kirsten Dunst is an American actress, singer and model who has a net worth of $25 million in 2024.

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