Joumana Kidd: A Dynamic lady, Career, Net Worth 2024

Joumana is an American actress and renowned journalist.

Joumana Kidd is a renowned American actress, television host, and journalist who became famous after she appeared in various TV host programs. However, Joumana is also recognized as the wife of former NBA basketball player Jason Kidd.

Let’s learn more about Joumana’s personal and professional life.

Joumana Kidd Career

Joumana is an American actress and renowned journalist. She started her career as a TV host on American television. Her newsmagazine TV show titled “Extra” is one of the best-known shows in her career. Joumana went to various mega ceremonies like Rock ‘n’ Roll hall during her professional life.

She also appeared in the best-known shows like Xtreme Sports Mashups, Vamp U, and Wow. Moreover, Joumana Kidd played a role in the American reality series Let’s Talk About Pep on VH1. In 2011, she appeared as a teacher in the series Vamp U in2011. In 2015, she was seen last time in the series The Journey, which was aired on Net TV.

Personal Life of Joumana

Joumana Kidd was born on September 1972 in the USA. Moreover, she kept her personal information private and did not like to disclose her early life or any other information.

However, when they first met, Joumana Kidd started dating Jason Kid in 1997. The couple decided to get married just after one month of dating. During their marriage, the couple gave birth to three children. They had one son, Trey Jason, born on 12 October 1998. The couple were blessed with twin daughters on 26 September 2002.

Sadly, their marriage life is full of a bed of thorns. Joumana and Jason’s married life was not successful as their professional lives. Their marriage life was full of domestic abuse allegations and many more.

Joumana filed for divorce and alleged his husband, Jason, broke her ribs and damaged her auditory senses by smashing her head. Therefore, in 2001, Jason was arrested due to domestic violence allegations and beating his wife.

On the other hand, Jason claimed that his wife was emotionally unstable, and she induced a tracking device in his car. Resultantly, both signed divorce papers in 2007 and parted ways. However, Jaumana kept the name Kidd as her last name.

Relationship Status after divorce

According to media rumours, in 2007, Joumana had an affair with Tyler Evans after she got divorced. Moreover, according to media sources, Joumana also had been in relation with Jeremy Shockery. However, Joumana did not authenticate any of the news as she wanted to keep her personal life private after her divorce from Jason.

On the other side, Jason Kidd remained in an extramarital affair during his marriage with Joumana Kidd. This was considered the second reason for the couple’s divorce, other than domestic violence.

Joumana Kidd Net Worth 2024

Joumana Kidd earned made her net worth from her journalist job and acting. However, her net worth one part also came as a settlement that Jason paid after the divorce.

However, according to various media sources, Joumana has a net worth of about $5 million in 2024. On the contrary, her ex-husband Jason Kidd has a net worth of about $90 million.

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